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This mornings doctor visit

Added: Tuesday, February 12th 2019 at 11:04am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Had a doctor's appointment this morning as I seem to have a rash.

I won't tell you where it is, let's just say I need a mirror and flashlight to see it.....LOL

And you know if you need a mirror and flashlight to see something on your body, it means the doctor is going to get up close and personal to see it.....and he did.

He was surprised....no not about the rash......but about the weight I've lost since I was last there in June 2017.

I was down 54 pounds since my last visit. Even the computer was surprised as when the nurse was entering the weight, the computer stopped and asked if the number was correct she entered since it was a big difference.....LOL. Now wouldn't that make you feel good.

On a down note, he thinks I'm starting to get arthritis in my right hip by what I was telling him.

It only troubles me when I get up from a chair that is low like my sofa, or like yesterday when working and sitting in a desk chair all day. That rarely happens and after work when I change sitting positions to the sofa, it stopped hurting. Weird, the way that works, but guess I'll have to get used to it.

He used the 'A' word...you know the one you hear after 60. 'A' as in Aging, meaning you're getting old so you're going to start falling apart.

I have 30 minutes to kill before I start work, so I'll quickly say the big Pineapple Express store that was to hit central and southern California shifted north so should hit this area starting tonight.

But how it looks outside now, it looks like it could start any minute.

Should bring 5 more feet of snow to the Sierra's, but it could also start melting snow and causing flooding in areas.

The Atmospheric River (a.ka. Pineapple Express) are a particularly moisture-leavy intense style of storm. They can be 250 miles wide and 1000 miles long and can carry 20 times as much water per second as the Mississippi River where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the newspaper.

The thing I hate most about it, is the part about winds 30-70 mph winds depending on where you are at. I HATE HEAVY WIND!

That's all for now, have a good day.

User Comments

A mirror and a flashlight.............sounds .........well, never mind.

And I left out the part about getting into an awkward position to see in the mirror....LOL


Yea, but what about the rash? What was it? How did you get it? What did he say? What did he do?


Use a Rx cream on it. So hold a mirror with one hand, a flashlight with the other and somehow put cream on an area. Where's those robot maids the 1950s said we would have by now to help with that......LOL

The older we get the more "up close and personal" problems develop. Welcome to the club.

I love the fact you had a computer question your weight. Lol😁😤😂


I know really. She said that's what it was doing and I looked at the screen and it was.....LOL

Lol kind of like the computer is judging you?

At least the weight was going down and not up if it was going to judge me....LOL

Instead of a mirror, use the camera on your phone. Less stress contorting that way and you can share the photo with the NSA. 

Ugh.  Hope you get some relief from your rash. Arthritis sucks, so I hope you get some relief from that too.

Rashes are a pain in the caboose....literally, I guess, lol.  Congrats on your weight loss as well!  I had to laugh at you about things falling apart after 60.  Say it ain't so!  :)

Things start to happen after 60 and it's not fun.

I work with a few 60 + women and they complain of either back pain, knee pain, shoulder/elbow pain or thumb pain.  For me, I have thumb and knee (meniscus) pain.  I dread when I hit 60.  {#yeah-sure.gif}

Oh, it's soooo so!  To quote Arthur Spooner: "It's called gravity, Douglas, and it's comin' for ya!"

I will be prepared and brace for it!  {#boxing.gif}

 yep, pick a body part and it will start to hurt after 60

doctor's seem to blame everything on arthritis.  I have a bakers cyst and the Dr told me it was probably arthritis. 

Does that area itch? That is embarrassing scratching your unmentionables. lol

no it doesn't itch

I'd be offended at the computer questioning things lol

So, that's whats coming our way.......snow, snow, and more snow.

Started raining last night at 8pm and it's still raining. Almost 1130am now.

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