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This and that

Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 2:49pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I did a cross town jaunt to Bed Bath & Beyond to use their scales to see what my weight is, and since June 2017, I've now lost 50 pounds from just walking and changing eating habits.

My walking is down for winter since I don't have the urge for my 4:30am walks due the cold, and lunch time walks are slow due cold and/or rain days.

During December when I had the oral surgery I didn't walk as you couldn't do anything for awhile that would get you heart pumping and blood rushing in your veins and maybe squirting out through your stitches. So not much walking in December.

But since I was only eating soft and liquid foods, I figured I would drop some weight then anyway.

So will now have to get back into the swing of things and walk every day again.


Got a later start this morning so hit the grocery store later then normal and there was more people there, and they all ANNOYED me.

People seemed to be standing in front of everything I wanted, yaking on the phone, talking loud, blocking aisles with carts since they need to stop in the middle of an aisle instead of moving to the side.

Then one thing I bought two weeks ago and bought again today, still didn't ring up.

Two weeks ago they had to send the bagger back to check the price as I didn't remember what it said. But today at least the cleck knew the price which I also remembered just in case.

You would think since it was a regular store brand item they always have, they would have gotten their act together and fix the scanning issue.


More traffic on the roads also which is always annoying. I have to remember to not get a late start on Saturdays and avoid the crowds.

I'm thinking of maybe going to Home Depot Sunday and then to the Lay-Z-Boy store to look at recliners which I'm thinking of getting.

I hate buying a big ticket item these days.

If I buy from Lay-Z-Boy, it will be expensive but better made. If I buy from some furniture store it will be cheaper, but not so well made since nothing ever is anymore.

Since I would be sitting in it every day, I think I need to go with better made then lower price. Otherwise, you just wind up having to spend more money in a few years to get another one.

That's one thing I've notice as I've aged, is that the quality of merchandise has gone down since manufactures made everything to be cheaper which means cheaply made.

If you want to buy a new car, you now have to ask what is the lag time between when the car rolls off the assembly line until it's first recall.

Seems you can't buy a new car anymore that won't be recalled for something major.


Supposed to rain today, and it's dark and gloomy outside so it should be starting soon. It was sunny when I was out shopping.

Guess I'll stop babbling now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.




User Comments

Good going with the weight loss, and why people cant shop, eat, drive, and go to the loo without there phone is beyond me, as far as buy anything these days, it's a real luck of the draw, but you are right it pays to buy quality with furniture.


I don't know how people can grocery shop and talk on the phone about nothing to do with grocery shopping. I forget things as it is, how can they talk and remember what to buy at the same time.


I've no idea.

Wow!  Congratulations!!

...on the weight drop!


Congrats on your weight loss!  I had gained 6 lbs during the holidays, but have since lost them, but I sure am missing my sweets.

I, too, want to get another recliner.  The one I have now is too padded.  Its also overly stuffed, which is really what most people prefer, but I want less padding on the arms.  I sat in a recliner about 3 months ago that was the most comfortable recliner I'd sat in....in ages.  It was a hospital recliner when I'd gone visit a friend.  I loved it and could have taken a nap!  I even googled hospital furniture and they are sold online. Some very nice stream lined recliners and the arms have very little padding.  I'm seriously considering ordering one of those and give my over stuffed to my sister.

We were supposed to have an all day rain but it fizzled out and the sun came out all day with a mild 69°.  Didn't budge all day.  Tomorrow, laundry...

I don't care for those over stuffed recliners either and no leather since I don't want to stick to it in summer.

Changing eating habits made a big difference plus the walking. To many packaged foods on the market that are bad for you, but taste good and let people be lazy and not have to cook from scratch.

I always buy the best quality furniture... (especially for 'seating') that I can find... but I buy it used.  I used to sell furniture so I'm kinda picky.  I could never afford my own taste if I paid retail. 

yep you have to go quality for something you are going to sit on all the time or sleep on every night.

My daughter cones over here to the valley if she wants to shop in person otherwise she does all her shopping online for groceries and everything. She can't stand all that traffic and crowds of people over in the East Bay.

Traffic here has gotten way out of hand on how bad it is. All these uber/lyft drivers only add to the problem also.

Congratulations on the weight loss.  That's quite an accomplishment.

I used to miss peopling, but I've now grown used to not being annoyed on a daily basis!

Thanks. People just don't know how to act in public anymore.

Great job on the weight loss. Well done.

Thanks. How's your weight doing these days, still walking?

{#apploud.gif} Congrats on the 50lbs.

I refuse to purchase at Lay-Z-Boy again because the last time I picked one out, I still swear to this day they delivered the wrong one but my girl disagrees. She is WRONG. lol


I didn't go to Lay-Z-Boy as I remembered I go back to the oral surgeon in a couple of weeks and he is by a furniture store I bought my sofa from and that my mother was buying furniture in the 60s from, so I'll check there first.

Doing good on dropping weight. I think the reason it is ceaper made now is so you have to buy more. When it was made good it lasted forever.

I need to start walking again too.

I am also joining the Y

I've heard the Y has changed over the years and offers a lot of classes for people to keep fit.

I will find out this week. Friday is my first free 'after work' day.

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