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hillmate Shaunepawn

Think I'll go to the mall later since it open back up finally

Added: Tuesday, September 29th 2020 at 11:07am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

The mall in town open back up the first of the month. Before that only the stores with a parking lot entrance had open, and interior stores had to still be closed, but could do curb side pick up.

Now everything is open except the food court is only for carry out, and the five screen movie theater which had just open not all that long before the pandemic, is still closed.

Not that I need anything, but I will walk around and try to find something to buy just to give a store some business which I'm sure they could use.

Also the Sears is closing and today or tomorrow should be the last day, so if they are still open, I may walk around and see what is left.

I only bought jeans there, so will now need to find somewhere else to get them the next time I need some. 

They had reduced hours for right now at the mall, so I have to wait to go, plus I have clothes in the washer/dryer so will have to wait until the dryer is at least done on the first load.

Shirts are in there now, so I like to get them out ASAP so they don't wrinkle. The last thing I want to do is iron shirts......LOL


It did get up to 98 where I live yesterday so spent most of the afternoon laying down in front of a fan to keep as cool as possible.

The heat just zaps my energy and makes me tired and wanting to sleep.

It's to be in the 80s today which makes a difference that's for sure.

It dropped down into the 60s during the night which can seem cold after almost 100 during the day.


Guess that's it for the second to the last day of September. See ya.

User Comments

Hit that Sears store for sure!  They will have clothes on sale, for the fraction of the cost they once were.  And I mean fraction.  What was selling at $40 will probably be less then $5 dollars now.  Even check out the shoes.  And anything else you might want to get there.  They'll all be on sale for a fraction of the original cost.

The mall entrance was closed so not sure if they were still open or not and only using a parking lot entrance. I didn't drive around to the other side of the mall from where I parked to see.

The last year or two I have finally started to 'feel' the heat but I still love it!

I don't remember the last time I was in a mall!!

I don't go much either, but wanted to see how it was since the interior stores had been closed for so long.

For just after opening there were a number of people shopping and just about every store was open. 

I don't remember when the last time was I went to a mall. Our mall was dying even before the pandemic. There were so many stores vacated and locked up it was beginning to look like a ghost town. Sears and Penneys were the only two stores worth going to and now Sears is gone. 

I went not to long after they open and there was a number of people shopping. Just about every store was open. 


I have to go shopping tomorrow....Costco, walmart, home depot, grocery outlet and the dollar store. I'm tired just thinking aboiut it all. Mask on Mask off Mask on Mask off sanitizer sanitizer sanitizer I don't enjoy going out at all anymore and our air quality index hasn't dropped below 167 in three days and nights plus it's over 100 for the coming three days at least and of course those fires all the smoke and allergy season.....I'm so ready for Autumn and rain!!

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