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AmalaTsering aldo02enos

The noise from the high winds and rain is driving me crazy!

Added: Tuesday, March 21st 2023 at 3:49pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I hate high winds so what have we been having all afternoon but high winds and rain.

It's rains hard and the wind is blowing so hard, that it just drives the rain pounding against the winds and everything else it can pound against.

The noise is starting to get to me since my mind pictures all kinds of damage the wind can do by the noise I'm hearing.

The rain is supposed to lighten up a little in a few hours and the winds until 9pm PT.

A big gust of wind just hit and I really don't like that.

It all makes me want to close the blinds, put on headphones and turn on loud music so I don't have to hear any of it.

Makes me wish I have at least three foot thick solid walls to keep me from hearing the noise.....LOL

While Autumn/Winter are my favorite seasons, I can say I am tired of all the storms this winter.

For the first time in a long time, I won't mind Spring and no more storms.

User Comments

I kind of like rain, but I agree high winds make me nervous.  My mother was always afraid of high winds, and i kind of inherited it from her...(well really she frightened me with her reaction) but I have gotten over a lot of that as i have gotten older.

I was stressed and on edge all afternoon from it. Now at going on to 6pm things are calming down thankfully. 

Good, have a nice night.

I know people listen to those sounds on ambiance apps or channels on YouTube but I'm like you, it stresses me out. 

You mentioned headphones and closing the drapes... That's what I've done in the past. We lived in apartments for 40+ yrs and they tend to be thin walled. 

I hope it quiets down for ya. Just don't watch the movie Twister while all that's going on or you will be heading to the basement or closet lol

I was wishing I did live back in an apartment during it. Part of the stress is if it caused any damage that I would have to deal with instead of just calling the apartment manager to deal with it.

I get that but I would hope your insurance would cover at least the bulk of it for you. 😊It's always a mixed bag of stress. Stuff has happened in the apartments we have been in and trying to get them to fix any thing is like pulling teeth. At least you know when you're able to get it fixed, it will be done and done right.

We NEED rain!!!

We have to much of it now. Not raining at this time which will help some of the roads drain that are flooded.

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time of it.  I lived in town for a couple years and, when those high winds hit, they just screamed down the alley.  After a couple days I was ready for it to just go away! Out here in the country it's not nearly so bad. The only time I worry is when we have way too much rain, followed by strong winds. That's when you can see big trees uprooted, etc.

I saw a number of down tree limbs while driving around this morning. 

I vote headphones, or whatever helps ameliorate the sound of what's going on outside.

Some of the big gusts I covered my ears not to hear it even with the TV sound on.

foot thick solid

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