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hillmate Shaunepawn

The last Monday in September

Added: Monday, September 28th 2020 at 10:18am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Didn't go for my 630am walk this morning since I just couldn't wake up enough to do it.

I fell back to sleep until 730am when the alarm on my phone went off to take my 730am pills which I got up and did.

I fell back to sleep until I started hearing my phone go off and thought it was the alarm to take 730am pills again, but it wasn't.

It was the phone ringing and it just showed a phone number I didn't know, so I thought it was just a robo call.

Turns out it wasn't, by the message that was left.

I have a doctor appointment next week, and the call was they didn't show any current health insurance for me.

That's because I have the new insurance since I retired, so was just going to give it to them next week when I went in.

Guess they now have a system where they check if you have insurance before your appointment.

So I got up after listening to the message and called to give them the info.

I'll just have them check next week if they got the right info showing so there is not issues later on.


It was about 96 yesterday where I live and today will either be 97 or 100 depending on who you believe. I'm hoping for under a hundred.

But yesterday was a good test for the thermometer I had gotten with large number to put outside so I can see it from the window.

It was showing the temp my phone and computer were showing, so it seems to work well with high temps which is why I wanted it.

When it's super hot, I've always wanted to see how hot it really was outside and not just go my the temp the news/phone/computer said.

We always have high temps in September which can be hotter then August, so it's nothing new, but how high the temps have been is not normal.


September is just about over, and another month of 2020 will be gone. What a year 2020 has been and one everyone would like to forget.


I have my Halloween backgrounds all ready to start using for October to make the month a bit happier and fun.

Maybe feeling like a kid again and the end of year hussle and bussle of the seasons will help people forget what has been happening this year and think of better times from the past.

Here's a little preview of things to come, and have a good Monday.







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We are having a perfect sunny, blue skies, warm Fort Lauderdale Day!! But the rains will be coming in around 4-5 PM!

I wish we would get rain, it would me welcome very much right now.

It fell all around us but we didn't get any!!

Ah!!  Indian summer, hits California, every single year.   Here in Nebraska, we may, or may not get it depending.  We have it this year.  When it goes from Spring, to winter, we sure don't, we don't even get summer it's too cold, lol!

I could sure use some cold weather right now.

Whew! That's pretty bad when you're wishing for under 100. We've had beautiful weather here for a while now. Rain today tho...

It's almost 1230pm and it's mid 90s already and it's not even the hot part of the day yet. We can use your rain so send some this way.

We had about 3 hours of heavy rain this morning and still overcast but it brought in a cool front. Its 68°, thank goodness!

It was at 98 today, but it's in the 70s right now and it going on to 830pm. Tomorrow will be high 80s/low 90s and dropping to 70s by weeks end.

We are 57 this morning, woohoo!  It felt so refreshing when I stepped outside. Heck, I had to go back and get my windbreaker, imagine that!?!  {#dancing6.gif}

Hey, buddy. The word super (like Super Man) only has one p in it. Two ps -- supper is what we eat at the end of the day. Just thought you'd want to know.

I've noticed here they call from the doctors a week in advance to con from appointments. Use to be the day before,guess they think we will remember. Lol

Hard to think this month is all but over this month flew bye.

And I look forward to you backgrounds they make me grin.


They seem to always call a week ahead thesse days. The dentist calls a week ahead, then sends a text the day before and then another text an hour before the appointment. And I'm still always there before they are......LOL

You seem different now that you're retired. Like you're glad to be done with the job. What are your plans?

No plans right now, going to enjoy being home Fall/Winter which is my favorite time of year.

Maybe next year may look for a part time job I want to do to pass the time away and bring in extra money since I won't be getting social security until later next year.

With so many people out of work still, not a good time to look for something p/t when so many people could really use the money right now.

Well you can keep those temps. they tell us it is going to 30f. on Thursday, so I'm not looking forward to that.

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