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The eldery woman next door to me passed away Friday

Added: Sunday, February 16th 2020 at 1:07pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

She had been going downhill for the past few year and has hard caregivers come during the day for a long time now.

The daughter would come three or four times a day for a minute or two, and I do mean a minute or two.

Never understood why she just didn't stay and visit a few hours, but she was never like that.

Even before the woman started going downhill, the daughter would run in and out in seconds.

She would pick her up and take her grocery shopping, and where ever else they may go, but bring her back and take off.

Her son used to live with her when I first moved onto this street (almost) 22 years ago and he moved out not to long after I moved here.

Didn't see him for years (and I mean years) and one day he showed up with a wife and 10yr old boy.

He does/did come around maybe once a month or so and do a little yard work and when he was done would leave.

I just never understood why they didn't stay and visit for awhile.

But now that is over and the wondering begins on who will be my new neighbors one day.

Don't think either of her kids would move in, so it's now a wait and see.

But if it's like everywhere where else around here due housing costs, it will be 14 people with 27 cars.

That may sound like a joke, but it's not. It is, but it not.

Where I live you can't park on the street since it's to narrow, so you only have your yard, which for her would be two average sized cars or three of those tiny little mini death trap cars. You know the type, a piece of metal wrapped around your body that could actually fit in my van, that is just slightly bigger then a clown car.

So I don't have to worry about a lot of cars, but noise and a lot of kids I am thinking about.

I got spoiled all these years with one quiet neighbor with no car living next to me.

It meant her driveway was always empty, so the space between her and I just seemed bigger with no cars in her driveway.

Plus no car to block my view out of one window I can see out of in the living room that lets me see down the end of the street.

One day a care provider parked at the end of the driveway instead of pulling forward and she had an SUV which blocked my view. That was the first time that happen, and it woke me up to the fact that one day it could be like that all the time.

Well, now that day may come.

And if a bunch of kids move in and start playing out front, I may be the old mean grumpy guy next door since I have a lot of big windows that I don't want being targets for balls.

Guess time will tell.


User Comments

Well I wonder about how family is like that too. At least right now I can visit with my sons and spend a weekend with them or they come and spend one with me. I suppose it could be boring to visit mom in her house. I'm thinking about all the times I went to MIL's place and sat quietly with her while she watched the TV on mute.

I don't quite get it. Even with my own mother who is pretty critical, I have spend a lot of time. 

My in laws don't spend any time with MIL.


On the other hand, you may get some really nice neighbors! I've been through quite a few in 26 yrs!

Come to think of it, when the son was living there, I don't recall ever seeing the daughter until he moved out.

"...those tiny little mini death trap cars. You know the type, a piece of metal wrapped around your body that could actually fit in my van,... "

--Was in Germany in early 60's w/ AirForce.

One day we howled at a fun piece in our "Stars and Stripes" daily newspaper.

There were many types of small cars there because gas was sooo expensive.  There was a Fiat Sedan which was smaller than some of the "smart" cars I have seen. 

Two Italian guys were caught for rustling a cow by putting it in a 500 Fiat.

Only thing was...the cow got stuck 1/2 way in & 1/2 way out!

CON--VICTED!   {#exlamation.gif} {#exlamation.gif} {#exlamation.gif}   We LAUGHED A LOT...  {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}


--We guessed they had to use an early version of "Jaws Of Life" to extricate the cow...

The first day I arrived in Italy in 1976 in the Army, assigned to an Army hospital located off base in the middle of Livorno, a group of c0-soldiers introduced themselves by way of invitation to lunch at a small outdoor trottoria.  While we were eating, a small motorcycle broadsided a little 500cc Fiat and flipped it over on it's side and it burst immediately into flames.  We ran over to provide whatever assistance we could.  I watched my mates all ripping their shirts off to try to put out the fires and help victims.  I did the same, and threw my shirt over the already burnjt body of one of the riders lying on his back next to the car.  In that few seconds it took to get to the scene, that fire had so consumed and ravaged him that when I put my shirt over him it went right through him to the concrete, moist with his bodily fluids.  The body itself nothing but cinder and ash.  I still remember the sensation, and the stench, of burning flesh mixed with burning petrol, 44 years later.  My lasting memory of Italia.

Why is it, stealing cows in cars always pops up somewhere. Just heard it on a TV show in the last couple of months, about stealing cows in a chevette.....LOL


 What a terrible things to have happen.

I think if a bunch of kids move in and start playing out front you will find yourself the kindly, mentoring type character sharing with them fresh baked cookies along with the kind of clever antedotes you share with folks here in blogster.  Never sell yourself short.  Also, perception is deception.  I used to own one of those little "death trap cars," a '95 Geo Metro, which I purchasded new, and was one of the most dependable and pleasant cars I've ever owned, transporting me 30 miles per day, each way to and from work, on the interstate, next to "big rigs" traveling 70mph, through what used to be some pretty brutal Indiana raging and howling winters.  I worked at General Motors at the time, and it was not at all uncoomon to see one of my co-workers, in a hurry to get home after a tough 6 day week of twelve hour days, end up on the side of the road in an accident with their huge tank vehicles, a couple of them even killed, while my little clap trap kept right on chugging along, no matter the weather or conditions, never giving me a lick of trouble in the four years we spent together.  I wish I had never gotten rid of it trying to "keep up with the Jones" for no reason other than perception of status.

Didn't mention that people moving into my neighborhood mostly don't speach English, so no mentoring from me since I don't speak Spanish.

The communities I have lived in which were highly populated by nonj English speaking immigrants have been some of the safest, most emotionally rewarding experiences in my life.  I have been able to communicate with both elderly and adolescent Hispanic/Latino, and Asian neighbor simply by being patient and caring.  Have never found any immigrant neighbor to be any different than myself, including Bosnian and Serbian immigrants.  Give it a chance.

You just never know.  You might end up with good neighbors, or bad.  You won't be Mr. Grumpy to a bunch of kids, if they move in next door.

And, you just might be surprised.  One of her children just may move back in to the house.

One thing is or sure, as parents get older, and children become distant, the children's children will haven been taught a lesson.  They will become distant with their own parents, the way the parents were distant with theirs.

Being grumpy may just be by actions, since new families moving into this neighborhood tend to not speak English or very little.

Or kids of kids get greedy, like my going to 95yr old aunt. Her granddaughter won't do anything to help her unless my aunts house is put in her name. She gets that greediness from her mother.

That's sad, I hope the woman wasn't too lonely.

Hope you get some good neighbors next door. :)

I would say she was, since the only person who ever came to visit was a long time ago another older woman drove over from the next street and would visit for awhile. She wasn't very friendly to any of the neighbors around her which didn't help.

That sucks. I always hate to hear this is how it ends for some people. Hopefully she was at peace with herself :/

I don't understand how people don't take every minute with their parents. I miss my mom so much....I look forward to sleeping and dreaming she's still here. I guess we take them for granted a lot while they are here. If you get irritating neighbors it will make moving when you retire even something to look forward to more but hopefully you'll get good neighbors who will take your trash cans in and mow your lawn without being asked and bake cookies for you.

None of the neighbors do that now for me......LOL


My neighbors do that ....well except for the baking cookies but I can't eat cookies so that's okay.....then again my neighbors here are my son, my daughter-in-law and two of my grandsons. My grandsons mow the lawns, weedeat, blow the driveway and all that plus take the trash cans to the street every week....and if I don't get insta cart groceries delivered they bring in the groceries from the van.

No sense in worrying. What will be, will be. Que sera sera. 

So true.

Don't worry... if kids ever play ball anymore... it's via a joystck... lol.

Too bad about your neighbor, and her kids barely taking any time to chat.  Busy busy!

Maybe it's time to move upstairs where there's a better view. Get some big flat screen monitors, put them where your front window is and input video from some cameras monted on your roof?

My daughter doesn't visit me now, so God knows what will happen when I get really old! The only time I see her is if I visit her. But I don't worry about it. I have my end plan worked out and funeral is all paid for so none of that small print applies to mine.

I worry about what would happen if my neighbour passed as these two bungalow flats are only rented to retired people and I might get a nosy one!

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