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The City of Berkeley to do away with male and female gender names

Added: Friday, July 19th 2019 at 9:12am by sfeastbay
Category: News & Issues

The City of Berkeley, California must be so wonderful and so perfect that it's city council has nothing better to do then sit around deciding to removed male and female gender names from the city.

Other cities have crime, homeless (they run there's out to other cities), struggling families, traffic nightmares, and the evils all cities have, but not Berkeley. They are the glory city (so they think) that they just sit around and come up with things that naturally will be adopted by all cities of the world, since they are Berkeley.

If the city council adopts their own measure in September a pregnant woman will no longer be a woman among other changes.

Some examples of changes in the city will be:

A pregnant woman will now be a 'pregnant employee'. Guess they plan on making men pregnant some how so need to have a gender free name for it.

Manholes will be 'maintenance holes'

Firemen become 'firefighters'

Manmade becomes 'artifical'

Men and Women become 'people'

Manpower becomes 'human effort'

Sorority and fraternity become...are you ready for it...'collegiate Greek system residences'

Bondsman becomes 'bonds-person'

Brother becomes 'sibling' (nothing was talked about Sister in the article in the paper)

Chairman becomes 'chairperson'

Manufactured becomes 'machine made'

Ombudsman becomes 'ombuds'

Policeman and Policewomean becomes 'Policeofficer'

Watchmen becomes 'guard'


So those are examples of how the city wants to change all it's written codes at a cost to taxpayers to have new code books printed.

They don't say  if businesses will need to change their name or change signage. It sounds like only the city itself would use the new terms, but who knows.

While chairperson and police officer are common terms that have been around, collegiate Greek system residences has not.

I still don't get brother becoming sibling.

And trust me, I don't think men are protesting because a pregnant person is a woman since only females can get pregnant. And are woman really offended when they get pregnant and are called a pregnant woman but pregnant employee is better? And to you really need to tag on a gender to pregnant anyway?

The newspaper didn't have the most important one of all to me, what are they going to call Mens and Womens restrooms if they are separate facilities in their fancy new code books?

Not even sure I want to know that one.

Maybe, person with parts hanging out room and person with non-parts hanging out room????? {#gruebel.gif}

What do you think they should be called?

User Comments

The powers that be are systematically taking away our freedom of speech through the political correctness and hate speech agenda. Soon we will no longer have freedom of spech.

There was something else this week about Berkeley in the news they wanted to do, but I can't remember it right now, but thought it was stupid.

Some of the names are already long time, being used as "firefighters" and "chair person'.  Some of those are just silly IMO.

I came up now with Dangler and Non-Dangler for locations with separate facilites.

Omg, that's just looney.  {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

I wonder how people can remember those names, ack!

Next they will rename related terminology. Gynacologists will become known as plumbers. Plastic Surgeons will now do hooter enhancements.

Lol Ken, there ya go! 

They will just call them restrooms and either gender can use the one they want to

Well that starts another issue of men in the womens room and women in the mens room since not all public restrooms are single person rooms.

Slowly, but surely, our rights are being taken away.

They have californicated themselves into the twilight zone...

Just call it a bathroom!  But make it private... so nobody will have to worry about parts hanging out, lol.

Since Berkeley  has long gone to the dogs, bathrooms can be labeled "pointers" & "setters".

"Collegiate Greek system resdences" Haha, like that's ever going to catch on...maybe an acronym - like 'Cogs' descriptive of what the school turns out - cogs for the machine?

As smart as these folks wish they were, you'd think they could come up with better lingo.

I can just see kids saying, "I'd like to apply for collegiate greek system residence please".....LOL

"Hey, bro," certainly loses its punch with "Hey...sibling,"...

As for the restrooms, an all-encompassing The Crapper seems perfect for this kind of...crap.

Makes you wonder how many people are walking around city hall saying bro/brother to being with.

lol, enough for someone to be offended, I guess.  Brother and its derivatives must be the offensive word since there was no designation for sister in the article, even funnier, sorta'...yikes!

Slimey sib-sloths?

lol, I love alliteration.

Totally Mad, and I mean Totally.

What a load of bull$[];+ oh wait... what will we have to change bull to since that indicates a male???

living species-poop (covers all life forms on Earth)

California has become the state of the truly absurd. Nothing that happens there surprises me anymore.

Long time coming.... and it's not ending there. It's never going to end until they destroy or change everything.

The other thing they are doing is banning natural gas. New homes and business including restaurants will only be able to use electricity.

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