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That was some wind last night, and Walmart.com is the new Amazon.com

Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 10:37am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

The wind they said we would have arrived here at around 930pm, and for the next thre and a half hours, it blew and blew.

It may not have been winds like other people get or those near hurricanes, but it was windy for us.

Around midnight I checked and it was 21mph with gusts at 39mph.

That is enough to make things bang around, fly around, roll around (aka a tin can in the street).

Big winds seem to hit at night when you lay in bed wondering what every banging noise you hear is.

I had to move to potted plants I have in front as I found one in the street. 

A fence board blew off, but that is now fixed.

Hope the winds don't return, but I know the warning is until 5pm Tuesday.


Walmart.com is the new Amazon.com

I had read once that Walmart.com was shaping up to be a threat to Amazon.com and I can now see why.

Years ago when work would give us e-gift carts for Walmart, I would order someone online and use their ship to store option and go in and pick it up to save on shipping and get more buying value from the card.

While they did have more items to order online then they carried in the store, like caskets and 'adult' items, it was still not a big deal.

Now from placing two separate orders with walmart.com the last week, I see they are not like Amazon.

Items are no longer just shipped from Walmart, but they now like Amazon carry a ton of stuff and most is third party vendors.

The two items I ordered last Thursday that arrived Saturday with free shipping was from Walmart.

The second item I ordered Saturday  night was from a third party and will arrive next week.

I noticed it seemed to be faster to order from Walmart then Amazon, and I wasn't being shoved requests to buy Amazon prime or whatever else they shove at you to get more money.

I know I will now check both sites when ordering someone online and if like Saturday evening when I placed the second order, it was because Walmart was a better option then Amazon was.

So give Walmart.com a chance the  next time you order something online as it may be a better deal, shipping may be free, or it will tell you which local store you could go pick it up at.

I'm not a fan of shopping at Walmart and rarely go into a store, but shopping online with them over Amazon I have to issues with.


User Comments

I agree not a big fan of shopping at Wal-Mart's in-store they just don't have the inventory they once had. Our newer Wal-Mart is set up to look like they have a lot but it you look closely they don't and they don't restock as quickly as they once did.

Target's is another store that has less inventory than they did years ago it feels more like a speciality store and over priced.

So your almost forced to shop online with Wal-Mart's to get the stuff your looking for. Which is ok but I miss the days when you u went shopping and got what you wanted with no waiting. 


That's why people shop online so much, because you can't get things in stores that you once could.

I know a number of things I've had to buy online is for that reason.

I rarely step foot in any Walmart stores, but I have ordered quite a few things from them.  Amazon prime offers free shipping, but really, the costs are just already figured into the price.  Less so with Walmart, where you get free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.   That made a lot of things I ordered more affordable. 

When I do order something online, I now will be checking both sites to see which will have the better deal.

You people are fortunate that your I.D. is not stolen.  I refuse to shop on line.  I order out of catalog's and pay by check, but do not use my credit card.

A lot of ID is stolen from people using public wifi and keeping apps open so a hacker nearby can get into their computer and steal there info.

Big companies encrypt info, so it's harder for anyone to steal something if they are hacked into.

I feel safe using a know business and shopping online which I don't do that often.

Amost forgot about ther high winds your way.  Apparently, they were bad enough in Southern California.  Someone doing a controlled burning lost control, and Southern California is burning again.

If you paid me I wouldn't walk into let alone buy anything at Walmart!!

See this article---just one of many--and scroll down to 10 reasons why not to go to Walmart!


It's rare for me to go to Walmart as I don't like them. But since you can't buy things in stores you need sometimes, you are forced to shop online and in this case, Walmart.com was cheaper and had what I wanted.

Walmart and Amazon are both evil, but somethings you just need to use them.






Want more??? LOL

I've heard a few co workers say that they had started shopping on walmart.com.  I may just have to look into that myself.

Oh yes, I know winds from hurricanes. We had 2 this past summer and another headed to New Orleans by Wednesday.  Try 90+ winds with wind gusts over 100.  You have to pray trees and power lines don't fall on top of your house.

I only worry about the roof blowing away since no big trees around me and utility lines are underground in my neighborhood.

We have rain at last, "we don't need the wind with it"{#basic-ohsnap.gif} nice today *well weather wise*, nothing else, but that is to come.

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