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That was one lonnnngggggggggggg check out line last night.

Added: Thursday, February 13th 2020 at 12:39pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Last night was Wednesday, so it meant taking my older cousin to Dollar Tree which his weekly list.

Thought there was a lot of people there for some reason, and then when we got in line to pay, it hit me that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and just about everyone in line had Red items in their hand.

Nothing says 'I Love You' more then a Dollar Tree heart shaped box of candy for a buck from Dollar Tree....LOL

They had one checker open and the line went down one whole aisle and into the next aisle past the cross aisle in the middle of the store.

That was just crazy.

My cousin said I should have gotten in line when we walked in while he shopped and we would have been closer to the front when he was done.....LOL

A second checker finally open which helped, but all it meant was now two long lines.

Some lady asked my cousin if she could have his cart when he was done and waited until we got close to put the items on the belt.

I was glad to get out of that store last night.

At least they and all other stores can start putting out the Easter merchandise and get rid of all that red and pink stuff for VD day.

User Comments

That sounds about right.

Very rarely are the lines short  there are always at least four or five in line if not longer,and really crazy around a holiday. That's why I stock up on birthday cards. I guess all dollar trees have no more than two of three workers at a given time. Thank goodness everything is a dollar so they don't need a price check. Lol

Christmas time  wasn't even like this, all these last minute people. Like they thought prices would be lower at dollar tree if they wanted until the last minute.

People are scrambling to make those last minute Valentine purchases before the big day tomorrow and probably more so at the dollar stores where the price is right, lol.  The lines would drive me batsh!t loco b/c I have fits if there are only about 5 or 6 ahead of me.  I canNOT imagine the lines you mentioned.  Did yall have long to wait?

What slows things down is everyone is paying with plastic and  half of them don't know how to use the pay machine. My cousin pays cash for everything so that really gets him angry waiting for people to play with plastic for one dollar item they bought.

We had dinner first and I told him while standing there I could have dropped him off, gone to dinner, ate, got carry out for him and picked him up and he would be done right as I got there....LOL

Hahaha! You're kidding but it could well have been true!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Put Valentine stuff away and pulling out Easter stuff?  When did you shop last at Walmart, lol! 

Our Walmart already has the Easter stuff out, right along with Valentine stuff, lol!

The bigger the store the more space they have to fill with all the seasons at once...LOL

I love it when somebody gives me a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a card for Valentine's Day but nobody has done that in a long time. My husband usually gives me flowers and takes me out to dinner because our anniversary is on Valentine's Day. This year marks our 37th year together. 

Happy Anniversary!!



Glad I didn't end up in that mess!

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