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hillmate Shaunepawn

Sundays have a different feeling when you are retired

Added: Sunday, September 20th 2020 at 10:48am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I've noticed since I stopped working, that Sundays don't feel the same like when you worked Monday-Friday, or were in school.

When in school Sunday had that feeling like it would fly by and before you knew it you were going to bed and it was Monday morning and time for school.

I would always feel like I only had Friday after school and Saturday off, since Sunday felt like you were just getting ready to go back to school since that is what you were thinking about.

Working was the same way, Sunday didn't feel like a day off since all you thought about was Monday would be hear soon and back to work you went.

Now that I'm retired, Sunday feels differently since I don't have to go to work on Monday.

In fact yesterday I was thinking it was Sunday, as you also loose track of the days since they tend to blend together.

I know it's Thursday when I see neighbors putting out the trash bins for Friday pickup, and I know it's Friday since the trash trucks are rumbling around in the morning.

But after the trash is picked up and the bins put away, a couple of times I had to think that it was Friday.

I also noticed I don't care how late I stay up or if I can't sleep at night since I don't have to be a clock watcher and pay attention to the time to get up for work.

I think I actually relax and fall back to sleep faster if I don't need to lay there and think how many hours until I have to get up. Sounds like that TV ad doesn't it.....LOL


Tomorrow I'm going to go back across town to the 99 Cent Only store and use my coupon they gave me for my free 99 Cent or less item with a $15.00 or more purchase.

I'll make sure to get something for 99 cents so I get the full value of a free item....LOL

It will be easy to spend $15 as I have a list of things and they have more food items including produce and more named brand food items then Dollar Tree.

The basket of strawberries I bought last time were good, so I hope they have more tomorrow.

Shoot! I shouldn't have purchased bananas for the whole week on Friday, as their bananas are cheaper and were just as good as the chain store.

Oh well, that's it for Sunday. Autumn starts this week, but I'll wait until October to start the Halloween back grounds.



User Comments

For as often as you shop, you'd swear you're shopping for a family of 4 instead of one person, lol.  The less I can be inside a store, the better, but that's me.

I see Saturday as my full day off and Sunday is the prep day for Monday. Too bad the week end doesn't consist of a 3rd day. It passes much too fast as it is.

First day of fall tomorrow.  We are finally out of the 90s and only a high of 71 today.  Love it!

Halloween haunted houses are going to open as usual here, which surprised me, but will practice social distancing & small groups.  When the monsters start jumping out of the woodwork, social distancing would be the last thing on my mind, yikes!

I'm only going to the store since I can get a free item and buy things I would use anyway from another store. 

I really don't need anything, but a free 99 cent item is a free 99 cent item....LOL

Haunted houses will not be permitted here. Also no Halloween festivals, Trunk or Treat events or anything that would have groups of people.

It just door to door using common sense.

The only time I know it is Sunday is because it is when I get the newspaper!!

Hang in there--you will soon know the days of the week because of doctor appointments---part of being retired!!! :O)


But that will require looking at the calendar I write appointments down on to know when to go to the doctor.....LOL


That's how you know the days of the week--looking at the calendar for the hundreds of doctor appointments!!!! LOL

What's funny when you retire Holidays feel different as well sense you already have time off not having to work because of thanksgiving and black Friday are just days,nothing special. 

I remember growing up Sundays always came to fast. Like one second it's Friday evening wooo hooo and Saturday morning cartoons and good times then Sunday and the day seemed long but always zoomed by to fast. Lol

But it's nice to know Sunday's don't hold that  spell anymore.

I looked at my calendar for November and erased my time off for the five day holiday weekend I always have for Thanksgiving. It seemed sad for some reason even if I will be off anyway. Funny when you think about it.

I think if your in school or working we feel we earned that short time off. Being retired means you really earned all the time off.{#blower2.gif}

To me, Sunday is just like any other day of the week.  Soon, you'll have to remind yourself what day it is, to stay on track, lol!

I do admit, it's nice to not think that tomorrow it's back to work already.

I never know what day it is unless my husband is home or unless I check on the computer. When you don't have a job or school to attend one day tends to blend into another. 

I'm finding that out.

Howdy, sfeastbay!

Sunday is the day one goes to Church! "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy!"

Cordially, tjd

"Try to save something while your salary is small; it's impossible to save after you begin to earn more."

-Jack Benny    


Jack Benny




Read more: https://www.wiseoldsayings.com/salary-quotes/#ixzz6YcySV5wj


Sunday when retired is just the same as every other day, and it's great lol.

The only thing I want to make sure to know is don't go to any stores on Saturday or Sunday anymore. Wait until M-F and go in the morning when less people are shopping.

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