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Sunday stuff

Added: Sunday, July 21st 2019 at 12:37pm by sfeastbay

Had to call for the second time this week that no paper arrived. The first time I just told the robot on the phone not to deliver it since I wouldn't have been able to read it before work, so the robot said they would credit me a day.

Sometime after I started work it was delivered.

Today I did say to redeliver it and it showed up like five minutes after I called, so it was the regular delivery and hour and a half after it's supposed to be here by the times they paper prints in it everyday.

Had to laugh on Tuesday when it didn't come as the renewal bill came in the mail that day.


Went to Home Depot this morning and they weren't doing a good job getting people check out.

They had one register open with a long line, and the self check out had a small line, so that's where I went.

The credit/debit card only self check outs were open, but no one was using them since the only people in line were 50 and 60 years old paying cash, like I was going to do for my $3.46 purchase.

Seems their thinking on the card only self check out is back firing if no one is using it.

The time I was going to try my new TAP credit card, I just walked right up to it come to think of it since the others were in use. They aren't set up for TAP cards so that's when I discovered it was a card only line so had to use my card anyway for a $6 purchase which I would have paid cash for if I couldn't have tried the TAP card.

But the line went faster then the regular check out, so I was out in no time.



There's also a Pep Boys (auto parts chain store) by Home Depot and when I drove in I couldn't figure out why their parting lot was so crowded.

When driving out of the lot, I saw why. All the cars in their lot away from right in front of the store all have Lyft signs in their windows.

Lyft must rent parking space and maybe have a service deal on the cars with Pep Boys.

I guess they must rent cars to drivers who don't have a car to use??????


Made french toast for breakfast, but the thought of having it was better then it actually was.

I hate when the thought of something turns out better then the reality of it.






User Comments

I love Pep Boys.  I bought tires there, my car floor mats and air freshners galore.  I'm still hoping TAP card can ever make an appearance here.  I'd love to try that!

Oh those cartoons were good.


Those TAP cards sure sound like more trouble than they're worth.

The funnies were funny.

Generally I am a cash guy myself. I know too many people who have been totally whacked by hackers stealing their information and money. Funny memes!

I wonder why your newspaper has been missing lately?  Good bunch of funnies..


LOL...AND, our Sunday paper had about half of your last post ."how OH shoot," I cant remember the name of the place but the one about have no sex.

PS. I mean people not being labeled what sex they are.

Gotta' love that Maxine. She always tells it like it is. 

I've been fixing french toast in the air fryer every weekend almost.

Never thought of trying that, I'll have to remember next time to try that.

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