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Sunday funnies on Saturday night

Added: Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 8:36pm by sfeastbay

Never ask your 6 year old to get more toilet paper from the hall closet. The wait can kill you.



Message - Mail

Made me giggle a little. :) Gotta love being a urology nurse!








Spectickles: The insurance company raised our deductible. They figured you'd have already killed me by now.




Every Day? Seriously?



No dinner tonight........ maybe for a year. :) …


This is how I feel when I do something I think is pretty good and then I see what my friend, Georgia Ellen Nana does. Seriously, she is the most talented person I've ever met. I'm like, why bother?

Top 40 Funny Witty Quotes 25




Photo has holes



20 Seriously Funny Cartoon Jokes

The End....so to speak.


User Comments

These are hysterical!  Some funnier than others, omg!  The very first one is hilarious!  I love skeleton jokes! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}  The one of Ken being forgetful and the forgetful group saying, "Hi Larry" almost has my Pepsi coming out my nose! Then the one of the wife telling her husband he needed to give her a compliment because of her looking like hell and he said her eyesight was perfect was so flippin funny!  And finally the person taking a selfie with the crowd posing, had me literally laughing out loud.  Man...this blog was the best!  


I liked the father and son meeting mom at the airport. That would work with so many different topics on the sign for whom you are meeting....LOL

Omg yes!  I could have probably talked about every single one of these but I'd of been writing a novel, lol.


Laughing Emoji GIF - Laughing Emoji Laugh GIFs LOVE THEM...LOL

😂😂 brilliant!! I love the selfie one as everyone seems to start posing when a person holds their phone up. All of them are great and sending some to my daughter.

Too funny!

Lots of laughs :D

The "where did I barf game" my fav hahaha too true


{#flag.gif}{#rofl.gif} O' these gave me a good laugh! thank you... I needed that. 

A great way to end the day!!

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