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Still waiting for the newspaper to be delivered

Added: Thursday, March 14th 2019 at 8:59am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

It's just about 9am and the newspaper is supposed to be delivered by 630am M-F, so I'm thinking it's late....LOL

I called so am now waiting for a supervisor, or as I call him, the guy in the black truck, to bring one.

Sometimes the actual delivery person beats him and I get two papers.

What annoys me is now I won't be able to read the MORNING paper in the morning before work, since work starts in six minutes.

Some may say to get the online version and not worry about not getting a real newspaper, but if I wanted the digital version I wouldn't subscribe to the paper on.

I like holding and reading the paper and doing the (easy) crossword puzzle. I like looking at ads, and getting the sales ads in Sunday's paper.

Since the time change she hasn't gotten the newspaper here before 730am, so maybe she can't cope with the time change yet.

My paper used to plop in the driveway by 330am every morning and I liked that very much.

A few weeks ago they sent notice that the regular person was going on vacation for two weeks and to excuse the sub delivery person if the paper was late.

Those two weeks were the best deliveries I've had in a long time. They came way before the set time the paper says and I was happy.

Oh well, work starts and still no paper yet. I'm now crabby about that.

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Thers is just something about holding a newspaper and reading thru it, turning pages and such that the internet just can't give us

And you can take it anywhere to read and have it to spread out to do something on like paint or change a vacuum cleaner bag on. I used to do that and it helped.

I'm a Net person. No papers piling up. No papers to throw away. 

I know exactly how you feel.  When I used to subscribe to the newspaper here, I had the same thing happen to me so many times, I ended up cancelling for good.  I'd call and complain so often, they almost knew me on a first name basis.  It would get good, then slack off again, with me either getting no paper or being so late, I knew the news already!  They would throw out the "if you come back, you pay only $$$ for 6 months", bull.  No thank you!

If you cancel you need to tell them you are moving to another state so they leave you alone....LOL


I knooow, lol!

[[ hands you a copy of my paper....you will get a laugh out of the police report. NEIGHBORS REPORTED FARMER JOE'S COW OUT ON THE HIGHWAY AGAIN! ]]

A couple of days ago, ours had a story about goats being stolen. Seems to be a rash of goat thiefts going on.

oh no!

Major grrr

We don't have paper delivery.  When Gary get's the urge for a newspaper he'll go buy one.  Me, I get the news from t.v. or on line.

I tend to not pay attention to the national/world news, but focus on the local news, ads and features.

When I had a paper route the only time I was late was the morning I broke my arm while riding my bike.

Ah, the old 'I broke my arm so your paper is late' story.

I wonder if any place still has paper-kids or if it's all adults in cars now.

I miss having the daily paper delivered. Online isn’t the same feeling of community. We don’t even have the option out here in the country.

Even some of the local free papers you can pick up are interesting since they only forcus on local news.

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