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hillmate Shaunepawn

Sometimes changes work out better in the long run

Added: Monday, September 21st 2020 at 1:16pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

As I've mentioned someone around here (me) started Medicare and signed up for an Advantage Plan which starts October 1, 2020.

Today's mail from that insurance company arrived with changes for 2021.

The first thing I saw was the monthly premium is going from $107.00 to $110.00 in 2021, which started to make me mad since I'm just starting it.

But then I moved down to see that doctor visit copayments will go from $10.00 to $0 and specialist visits from $15.00 to $10.00.

That is good and if you go to your primary care doctor at least four times a year, the copayment savings pays for the increase.

Everything else says the same for 2021.


I went to the 99 Cent Only store with the coupon they gave me last time for a free item up to 99 cents with a $15 purchase.

The cashier pointed out that I got my coupon free item, but when I looked at the receipt when I got home, they just take an even $1.00 off for the item instead of 99 cents. 

So I saved another penny with the coupon.

The coupon said up to 99 cents as some items are under 99 cents, so it's nice they just take a $1.00 off and not give a 79 cent item for free if that is the lowest price item you purchased which is was for me since I bought to cans of Arizona Ice Tea (peach flavor), and they are 79 cents if if the can says 99 cents.


I decided this year to put up a little bit of indoor Halloween decorations. Since I'm retired, I thought why not since I will see it more since I plan on this one spot in the dining room.

I've ever only had one Halloween item that I put on the dining room table, so that is why I settled on the dining room. 

It will be a small area, so it won't look out of place like if I put a small area in my living room.

I won't put it up until October, but will remember to take photos of it to show.

I bought a few things for it at Dollar Tree and 99 Cent store today, so hopefully it will look nice.

It will be skeleton themed in case you were wondering in black/silver/white colors.

Well except for the table cloth I'm going to use to cover the cabinet it will all sit on. That was purple, but it had skeletons on it, and for 99 cents, I grabbed it and will also put some black creepy cloth on it. 

And something interesting, creepy cloth at Dollar Tree for a dollar is 72"x30", but at the 99 Cent Only store for 99 cents it's 78"x30". So you get a bit more for a penny less.


Not a bad day so far, I even got most of the street lights in town green which is rare for me to do......LOL

User Comments

Just don't put up any decorations that may draw a SWAT team to or through your door, lol.  ;)

Well its only going to be in my dining room, so if that happens it means they have hidden video in my dining room to see it....LOL

A number of folks here have mentioned when their SS chech goes up a little (cola?)  their medicare goes up by exactly that amount, resulting in a 100% gobbling up of cola.

I don't collect benefits, but that's what my older relatives that do say.

Pennies, and pennies...
https://govtrackinsider.com/it-costs-2-to-make-a-penny-and-7-to-make-a-nickel-but-cents-act-could-bring-those-costs-down-aa6aabfc9a8b It costs 2¢ to make a penny and 7¢ to make a nickel, but CENTS Act ...

Jul 8, 2019 ... It currently costs 2.06 cents to make each penny and 7.53 cents to make ... Now To Save [CENTS] Act would allow the U.S. Mint to change the ...

I just read something about this somewhere the last few days. Not sure why we still have a penny anyway. Not much you can do with just one penny these days.

Do you sense altering common cents is common sense?


You better check, to make sure your Primary Care Dr. is listed, or you'll be paying far more then you expect.

And, if you need to go to a Specialist, you'll need to call Social Security, to get permission first.  Going out of town?  Get permission to use out of town Emergency, if anything should happen, if you use Emergency, before calling Social Security, they may refuse to pay.

The reason I don't use Advantage.  Because the last thing I want to do, is call up and get permission, before I do it.  I could be dying on a stretcher, and not having permission before I'm treated, will mean a big out of pocket expense.

My insurance card that was sent has my doctor on it and they already checked all my doctors and they are covered.

My primary doctor must give referals to a specialist since it's an HMO plan.

Emergency care worldwide is covered for a $90 copay for 2020 and $0 for 2021.

I think you need to check an Advantage Plan again, as things may have changed since you last checked on one or different insurance companies may have had different rules. 

Check the medicare site for what is offered in your area as providers may have changed, I'm using UnitedHealthCare.

Obviously a few comments above are made by people who have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to insurance--but that's another story.

I am surprised you haven't started to put up Christmas decorations yet---you have the time now!! LOL

I'm not a retail store, so I can wait until the season arrives to do that.....LOL

Some years I don't put up Christmas decorations, it depends on how I feel come Thanksgiving.

I have my fall decorations up but not my halloween pumpkin yet (fiber-optic) and my little ghost etc... those will go up in October. 
Nice you got to save $. 
Hope the health care works out good for you.
I must of totally missed something because last I knew you were still working from home-now you are retired? If so congrats and enjoy!

The company offered early retirement since business was down due the pandemic, so I took the offer.

Nice! Enjoy your retirement :) {#drinking33.gif}

Sorry I do not understand your Medicare, ours is totally different, I won't bore you with it unless you want to hear about it.

I think every other system in the world is better then ours.

Sounds fun!

Every time I read about what you've been doing it sounds like a repeat of things I have been doing. Staying home all day, every day is not as glamorous as working people make it sound. 

While some things are good about it, you still wind up having a lot of empty time to fill.

That's why I read, post, and work on puzzles.

You retired!! Congratulations!! Will you be selling and moving out of state now?

Not now. Will have to wait and see what happens with that.

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