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Some Pre-4th of July Holiday cartoons

Added: Thursday, July 2nd 2020 at 8:14am by sfeastbay

Today is July 2nd and the last work day of the week for me. 

Two more days until the 4th of July booms start going off all night because idiots think the whole neighborhood wants to hear loud noises for hours.

But enough boom ranting. Let's have some pre 4th of July (a.k.a Independence Day) holiday cartoons to get the long weekend started.

And while celebration events may have been cancelled for this year, some of the cartoons below can be thought of as memories from years past.




User Comments

LOL. Good selection. Yesterday was Canada Day here. It poured all day. I didn't see any celebrations (probably cancelled because of Covid) and I don't watch the news so don't know if it got celebrated elsewhere. Canadians are rather low key.

But I hope you enjoy yours ... quietly and without BOOMS.

I wish we would have heavy rain on the 4th of July here to help keep things quiet, but sadly we don't have much heavy rain even in winter.

Oh boy, these were so funny!  We have a 50% chance of rain for the 4th and I don't mind at all.  Hopefully it rains enough to keep the 'hood quiet and no fireworks go off somewhere close by.  The noise makes me want to grit my teeth and my cat is spastic hiding behind the couch.

People act like they live out in the middle of nowhere, they forget that not all the people around them don't want to hear all the noise. They aren't celebrating anything, just making loud noise for the hell of it.




Those were great! It the fourth was only as quite as these cartoons lol

To bad there wasn't a giant 4th of July 'mute' button we could use.....LOL


Oh poo, I misted it {#basic-undecided.gif} it's the 5th here, {#basic-frown.gif} .  

Great cartoons! I've been trying to think of a funny cartoon to draw for the Fourth but my funny bone got up and went after hearing all of this conjecture about a race war looming and the Democrats getting back into the White House. 

When the 4th falls on a Saturday and they have Saturday and Sunday off is there mail delivered today or no mail for 3 days???  These are things I ponder as I look out my window and see a clear beautiful blue sky and no Sahara Dust--of course it is 2000 degrees outside but I am inside!!

Friday you get mail so you will have to go out in the 2000 degrees to check if you got anything.

Now that's hot.....LOL

And I always burn my hand opening the mail box!!!

Cute!  It'll all be over soon. 

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