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Some funny ha-ha's for Tuesday

Added: Tuesday, January 24th 2023 at 12:55pm by sfeastbay

A few funny signs and jokes for today.







Some really stupid people must shop here.




Now for some groaners.


My 8 year old self really laughed over this one.




User Comments

Dan Payton is my kind of guy!!!!!

I wonder if anyone puts his name down as a write-in if they don't see it on the ballot.....LOL

I am sure some do!!!

Interesting signs...although the sign warning people to open the door could actually be necessaryi if they actually got the glass clean...not that that would happen in my house of course.  :)

The only windows I clean are my van windows, and will sometimes hose down the outside windows, but that's it for me.


Like that warning to patients posted on the clinic wall

I'm with Dan Payton.

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