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Seeing the new dentist

Added: Tuesday, February 7th 2023 at 12:27pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Today was a visit to the new dentist.

They said the first visit would be 45 mins to an hour since x-rays would be taken and a exam of your teeth would be done.

My appointment was at 810am and I left at 945am. That's more than an hour by the clock.

I didn't see who I thought I would see as it's a father daughter practice. I knew there was a daughter as someone I know went there already, but I thought he said she was becoming a dentist, but she is a dentist.

Taking x-rays took some time. First you stand and it's one of those xrays that circles your head and takes a 3D image.

Then it was the regular x-rays everyone takes except they are so modern compared to my old dentist that they just place a senor in your month which shows right away on the monitor in front of you.

She took a bunch of those, but the computer kept freezing up, so she had to take some over.

Then the dentist comes in and we begin an inventory of your mouth so they can record everything.

First she checks your 'pockets' on the front side of your teeth and on the inside.

Then goes tooth by tooth telling the assistant who is logging everything what is happening with each tooth.

What type fillings you have, or crown, or root canal, the over all condition of each tooth.

This was not a quick journey through my mouth.

When she looked at the 3D xray she asked if I had sinus problems. I said my right on gets clogged a lot and she said she could tell. The left showed clear with a little congestion, but the right was fully congested.

She said to let my doctor know if they already didn't.

Then she put a small wand type camera in my mouth to record a few areas to show me.

Let me tell you, it's scary to see a enlarge close up of the inside of your mouth on a large monitor.....LOL

She showed a problem area which I knew about, and that it's getting close to the pulp. Which would mean I would need a root canal if it got to the pulp, so a crown should be done.

I know a root canal costs more than a crown, so I will go back in a couple of weeks to do that.

They make their own crowns there, which I heard the machine making one, so it will all be done in one day.

All in all the office is nice looking compared to my old dentist office which he had been in for about a million years since his father and brothers are all doctors so that office has been used by all of them at one time.

Everyone was nice, but I'll have to make sure to get there early when I go. 

They have a small parking area which was full, so I had to park on a side street and walk back to them and run across a busy street with no cross walks. 



User Comments

A stand-up 3D X-ray, huh? Interesting.


Next they'll have an AI figure out how best to care for your teeth and operate the equipment? 

Maybe that's why the daughter is a dentist already?

You've never seen those stand up 3D x-rays? I've had that before when I was going to have the implant done..

Dentist's charge a fortune as it is.  I hope you have dental insurance?  I had to have a crown last year. Cost me $600 and yes, conveniently done right then and there.. I dread going to a dentist.  Not so much for x-rays, clean or to repair a filling, but more for the price. {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

No dental insurance since I retired. The cost isn't worth what you get which isn't much when you get a plan with medicare.

I go to my new vascular surgeon tomorrow (Wednesday) and keeping my fingers crossed he CAN help!


Good luck or if you've gone already, how did it go?

He is planning on doing in office operations on each leg  (one a week) and says I won't have any pain after--of course that could mean I will be dead!! LOL

He sounds really sure of his work, but you're right that could go either way.

computer freeze-ups seem to happen everywhere, and they all add to the time, of course.  I have had stand up X-rays on my lungs.

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