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Saturday August 1st

Added: Saturday, August 1st 2020 at 11:30am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

August 1st already, hard to believe with all the issues we have had in 2020, that August is here already.


My last Amazon package did arrive yesterday morning, two days sooner then they said it would.

At least is was small and flat enough to fit in the mail slot, so at least it was indoors in case I wasn't home and not sitting on the porch.

Another home in the neighborhood went up for sale. It's the one down that street that I say I'm going to put a Amazon parking only sign up in front of their place since they get a delivery just about every day.

And if the white Amazon van isn't stopping, it's the Amazon Prime van or Fedex or UPS. They must get more packages then the post office does.....LOL

Those drivers are going to have a shorter day once the place sells and they don't have to keep coming down this street.


Just waiting for the last of this weeks dinners to cook in the air fryer and then I'm done with things I needed to do today.

Already flip the sofa cushions around and dusted and rotated my dining room chairs which have padded seats.

I do that the beginning of each month so the cushions don't get to flat from me sitting in the same place all the time.

The third thing I always so which is rotate the heavy mattress, I'll do tomorrow since I made the bed this morning without thinking about it. 

I also got out the vac and ran it over the rugs, so that's it for me today.


I see the mail carrier walking her route, so at least they are in my neighborhood today. 

Let's see if I get anything.







Yes I did get mail, a bill, junk mail, and a newsletter from my Congressman.

And the food is done cooking, so once the air fryer basket cools down, I wash it and the do nothing for the rest of the weekend can begin.


User Comments

I just finished my grocery shopping. Passed 2 stores and got everything I needed 2 flippin hours, whew!  Glad its over and put up.  Boob tube for me the rest of the day.  Some Perry Mason movies on Hallmark....works for me, lol.  Tomorrow, laundry.

Glad all your packages are in as well as your chores done and food cooked.  I love when things-to-do are done and over with.

You mean Hallmark stopped playing Christmas movies long enough to show Perry Mason....LOL

There are still Christmas commercials though. Enough already, sheesh, lol.

About a month ago I saw that buy fake Christmas tree TV ad the comes out each year.

Since you are finished come on down and you can take over my list! Thanks!

Then you would be bored with nothing to do if I did that. {#basic-laugh.gif}

I am NEVER bored!!!

You are just like Gary, make a lst to do things for the week, get it done in one day, and the rest of the week?  He thinks of more things to get done, and does them, lol

Since I work from home, I do a lot of things during the week that people normally do on weekends when they are off, so I have very little to do Saturday and Sunday which I like.

You are amazing!

Gosh I wish I had trained Lin to do these things, BUT I DIDN'T. {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif} {#crying.gif}

It must be nice to be so organized. 

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