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Picking up wet cat poop from wet rained on lawn to cut the grass isn't fun!

Added: Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 12:26pm by sfeastbay

What happen to the good ole days when stray cats pooped and buried it and you found surprised in your planeting beds?


Now these lazy felines just poop on the grass and leave.

I needed to cut the grass since with so much rain we've had, it had gotten tall. It rained the most of yesterday and during the night, so it was wet which wasn't an issue, but the wet cat poop piles to pick up first wasn't fun.

Dried poop picks up easier then soaked wet poop, that's all I'll say.

I have a small area of lawn so use a push mower and didn't use the grass catcher since I didn't want it rubbing along the grass that still had smeared poop on it in places.

Since the grass was tall, I would think cats with their diva attitudes wouldn't want to squat and have wet grass rubbing against their butt, guess I was wrong.



User Comments

Maybe it was a possum! It sounds pretty awful and 😝.

The woman across the streets feeds the feral cats and they come over here to poop. The racoons haven't been around in awhile to poop which they have and it's different looking then cats.

We used to have a problem with neighboring cats pooping on our lawn.  I finally reasoned that it was because they had no loose dirt to dig in.  All the dirt was heavy clay.  So I dug up a spot in a far corner of my yard, and guess what?  Kitties didn't poop on my lawn anymore. 

What dirt I have is packed down around the plants along the lawn, maybe I turn up some of the dirt and see what happens.

The kitties will all thank you!

LOL!  That's why pooper scoopers were invented.

Hand in a plastic produce bag works and no scooper to clean....LOL

I glad to say the poop scooping is Lins job not mine,,lol,,,and Mindy keeps the cats out..lol

I've always said our neighborhood needs a pet coyote to keep the pesty critters out.

Your neighborhood kitties do not have manners! Just mow it, free fertilizer.

:)  oh well. Have a nice day.

We have the same problem with dog poop. My husband just runs over it with the lawn mower and lets it fertilize the lawn. (Did I tell you he also wears an outdoor pair of sneakers that never come into the house?) 

Since the grass was tall from all the rain, I was trying to make sure I didn't step in anything I couldn't see.....LOL


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