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Per the electric company power in process of being restored

Added: Thursday, October 10th 2019 at 11:57am by sfeastbay
Category: News & Issues

The latest update (not that anyone reading this is effected) is power is being restored since the winds have died down.

Now only 600,000 are without power.

Can't wait to see what the fall out of all this is.

People are really irate over it and blaming their elected officials for allowing it to happen. So now those elected officials are angry with the power company.

Funny how they didn't seem to be when it was announced awhile back that the power company would do precaution shut downs.

Now that it happen and voters are blaming elected official who want to stay in office, those officials have changed their tune.

The tip of the ice berg has reared it's head, so lets see what happens.




User Comments

I read there’s a law our elected officials passed (not by our vote) that requires any power company in California to shut down any power supply that is in an area that meets the formula they put in the law. The grids in those areas are connected to a spaghetti mess of power lines to cities a hundred or more miles away which means that cities that have no wind or fire hazards are without power because of the asinine illogical powers that be. We need to boot them ALL OUT.

That was an issue I remember reading about, that you could be without power and you are hundreds of miles away, due the way the grid is set up. Should have been redone better decades ago.

Also quite honestly to be fair to the politicians the law would never have needed to be passed if PG&E would have done their due diligence and maintained their lines in the first place instead of being greedy and power hungry.
This is a test run. They need to see the peoples reactions when their power goes out because it’s going to happen all over the country. It’s all power game over us. Pathetic Thanks for your post!:)

Given the way Calif government is I have every confdence the cures enacted will be worse than the disease for the long-range good of individuals who make their homes in Cali :/  

I wonder if this news will hit our little newspaper, lol!  Glad to hear it' being restored, a million customers will be very happy.


Funny how that works,with a flip of a switch as it were the blame game begins.

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