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Pancakes French Toast or Waffles?

Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 8:53am by sfeastbay


Are you a pancake, french toast or waffle kind of person?

I'll eat all three, but if went out to eat I would order french toast before pancakes or waffles.

But pancakes can be more filling as some places serve giant dinner plate sized ones which will fill you up fast.

At home I use egg beaters, so will make french toast on Sunday mornings sometimes.

Would I make them if someone was over and serve them for a meal, heck no. They are more what you make for you since it's the lazy way and not something nice to serve...LOL

My grandmother used to make the best pancakes I've ever had. Made from scratch and some how the edges were crisp and they tasted great.

I've tried ways to get the edges crisp like she did, but never could do it.

Waffles seem to big an ordeal to make, plus you need a waffle maker which I don't have, want, or need.

The one my mother had from the 50s when she got married was swooped up fast at the estate sale, so maybe the really old ones were better then what you can buy today.

But who as a kid didn't like filling all the waffle holes with syrup and getting yelled at that you were using to much syrup....LOL

You can buy all three frozen now, but they don't taste the same as home made, but what does.

I think I'm making myself hungry now just talking about them.




User Comments

Occasionaly Tess will make pancakes for breakfast but I really like none of them now. I just look at all those carbs from the pancake and syrup and think of my diabetes and suddenly I am not hungry. LOL

Pancakes are one of those foods that can be light and fluffy or like a lead weight in your stomach.

French toast in a restaurant is my favorite.  I can't make it as good, no matter how hard I try.

I do love pancakes, but I leave that up to the experts, too.  I do Bisquick pancakes, which are very filling.

Waffles are okay, but yep ... too much trouble.  They built those old waffle irons to last a lifetime, it seems.  And they do!

Any food made by someone else will always be good in my book....LOL

I like all three but my preference is pancakes.  Pancakes with strawberry syrup, butter and a side of hashbrowns, yumsters!  Its been over 3 years since I've eaten pancakes, but I love 'em to death.  I've only eaten frozen waffles. Have never ordered them in a restaurant.  French toast, I make at home.  Have been eating that since a very young kid when my g'mother would make it for us grands.  I love the stuff too...but pancakes.......♥ ♥ ♥

I've never used strawberry syrup, but will at time at home put strawberry jam with maple syrup. The times I've gone to Hawaii I will only use coconut syrup, that is good.

O.o...I've never tasted coconut syrup. I love coconut so I'll bet I would love that!

It's on the sweet side so you can use to much.

French toast made with GOOD bread not that wonderbread cardboard tasting crap. Good Italian Bread or French. Yum

That's me too. The bread makes all the difference.

So will you be having some this weekend now that thought is in your mind...LOL

I will take photos.

There is an Italian Bread at Aldis. My new favorite. I love that stuff.

Anything but pancakes, which always get too mushy for my preference.  Unless they are Perkins pancakes, which are the very best, staying light no matter how much syrup you pour on 'em.

Is Perkins a restaurant?

Yes, an inexpensive chain sort of place.

I like all three I tend to get pancake's but fresh toast is better I made some a few months back which I hadn't had in several years I had for gotten how much I liked French toast.

If done right, french toast can taste so good. My dad was the french toaster maker in our house growing up. Same for cooking eggs, he never broke a yoke....LOL

French toast is the best for me

Pancakes I love them, BUT,  I like mine with jam and cream, I used to make them, but these days I buy them in a 6 pack, Mindy loves them as well, we also like waffles, and I buy them frozen,eat them hot with ice-cream and caramel sauce.

I think I have seen waffles with ice cream served on menus now that you mention it.

What else do you put on waffles ????

just syrup

OH, ice-cream then syrup YUMMY yum yum..lol


Yeah, the older waffle irons are better and last forever.   We have been looking for a nice older one and haven't been able to find one.   

They also weigh a ton since they are all metal.....LOL

That's true!

Oh, and our new ceramic coated griddle makes crispy edged pancakes!  

That's insteresting. My grandmothers pots and pans were metal and weighed as much as the stove.....LOL

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