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Should you put red vinegar on apple sauce and other things for July 31

Added: Friday, July 31st 2020 at 8:24am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Should you put red wine vinegar on apple sauce?

Hell no it's taste awful!

Not that I might have started to put vinegar in the bowl of apple sauce sitting next to the bowl with salad it in and then wondered what it would taste like.

I would never do that.........again.



I was waiting for two packages from Amazon Wednesday and one was delivered about 7pm, and the other said it would arrive by 8pm.

The package to arrive by 8pm Wednesday, showed up about 1130am Thursday, delivered by my mail carrier.

Now the funny part about that is I didn't get any mail Wednesday, my package by 8pm was to be delivered by the US Postal Service which I didn't get, and I never saw the mail carrier on Wednesday.

So Thursday she delivered mail at the normal time in the morning and I go a piece of junk mail.

A few minutes later I saw here delivering mail across the street and thought she must have reversed her route as the other side of the street is always done first.

A new minutes later I heard my neighbors mail slot open and I then heard the 'beep beep' when they deliver a package and I heard something plop down on my porch and then my mail slot open and I get more mail.

So I take it no mail was delivered to my neighborhood Wednesday and we got a double delivery on Thursday which is why I saw her across the street after I had gotten mail the first time.

She must have delivered Thursday mail first and then picked up the Wednesday mail from her truck and delivered that.

I was telling someone on the phone that and they said they have noticed no mail or not seen the carrier who always parks in front of their house on some days, and the next day they will get a lot of mail.

They also heard the P.O. was short 1000 workers in the area, so I guess they just can't make it to some neighborhoods every day.

So if you think you aren't getting mail or something you always get on the 12th doesn't show up for another week, it's because the mail is not being delivered on time (or at all) and is running late.


I have another Amazon package coming which they said would be delivered by 8pm Sunday August 2.

Now yesterday they said it will come today, so we'll just have to see how that goes.

It's the last on the credit from the gift cards I've gotten from work, so my Amazon shopping will now come to and end unless I really need items that I know I can get online cheaper.


I had to wait in line behind two people at the grocery store this morning. Well until the woman ahead of me decided to get out of line just as it was her turn.

You have to wait until they clean the belt and the counter area and pay point machine before you can put your items on the belt, so the process can be a big slow.

I bought pork, turkey and a ham steak this week, so will cook the pork and turkey tomorrow.

I was also going to go to the self serve car wash after putting the groceries away, but decided that can wait for another morning of doing things at 6am when no one else is around....LOL.

The self serve car wash by me is impossible to use on weekends. Cars line up into the street behind each wash pay, and it's just not worth it to go then. Which is why my van usually is coated in dust unless I hose it down in the driveway.


Oh well work starts in 45 minutes and then in about 300 boring hours the work day will be over and the weekend can begin.


Have a good weekend.

User Comments

Back to you my friend!

Red wine vinegar, ew!  I don't think I'll ever have to wonder what that taste like, period.  I do though, like grapes in my salads :)

So far for me, mail has been steady, on time and nothing amiss.  Packages coming in as they should and no complaints...yet.  I hope it continues that way.


I have finally decided to go do my grocery shopping tomorrow. I waited long enough. I just hope its not overly crowded and I can whiz in and out of there quick enough.  I hate grocery shopping.

I need to start washing my car at home.  Much cheaper, for sure. I have all the supplies but a case of the lazies always creeps up.

July flew by.  August already.  For being one of the worse years on record, it sure is marching on...

My dad always had oil & vinegar or just vinegar on a salad since he didn't like salad dressing.

Salad dressing was one of the items I stopped using when I decided to eat better and drop weight.

If your grocery store opens early like 6am, go then. You get in and out fast and no one is there. It's worth the effort to get up and you can always go back to bed once you get home.

You might find this disgusting but I like to eat eggs with a capful of vinegar.  My mother used to put that in our fried eggs after they were cooked and it gave it a good bite.  I also like vinegar drizzled over raw cut cabbage with salt & pepper.  How odd.  I have an aunt that likes her vinegar over pizza!  And I'm talking a small liquid amounts of vinegar on all mentioned above.  Well, they say vinegar is good for alot of things, so....lol.

6 am is way too early.  I like sleeping in on the weekends too much to go shop, lol. And once awake, forget it.  My sleeping is done for the day.  I'll get 'er done though!

Vinegar is supposed to be good for you, and people added to a lot of things. But apple sauce should not be one of those things....LOL

I am expecting 2 packages from Target today--I got 1 email saing today and another email saying tomorrow but I have an idea with a possible hurricane (or tropical storm) coming they might want to do it today!!

Red vinegar is healthy for you!!

I just said above that salad dressing is one item I cut when I started to change my  eating habits and drop some weight.


How's that been going??

I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when I went to the doctor and the scale showed I was 10lbs less then I thought I would be.

The eating part is ok, but I haven't been walking as much as I used to.

Great--now that you got the easy part, pardon the pun, under your belt, get ready for the hard part--keeping it off!!!

oh sorry, that was 10lbs less then the 60 I already lost in the last three years.

Yes I know but---semantics--when you lose something you go looking for it and do you really want to find 70 pounds of fat??? How about you got rid of 70 pounds of fat? 

The test is keep the weight off for 5+ years!

😀 have a great weekend and start of August!

August seems to have arrived quickly this year.


They're advertising for mail carriers here. And it's feast or famine here too. Either we get a lot of mail or no mail. 

At one time (before all this virus stuff), I used to hear radio ads that the post office was hiring, but haven't in a long time. I only hear Amazon is hiring, and they advertise that all the time.

I'm so glad I don't have to wait in line for a car wash.   If even one car is ahead of me I will turn around and go home.  

Our mail delivery has dropped to 3days per week, the reason being so many parcels are being sent via post.

You can't wait until the last minute to mail anything these days since you don't know how long it will take to arrive.

I can always tell by the braking patterns of the mail truck whether or not they stop at my box. It seems we have mail at least 4 times a week... but it's amazing how much we receive for her Mother who died four years ago. We've told them...  did no good.

My mother gets more mail then me some days and she died 3.5 years ago. Guess once you are on a junk list, your name will live on forever even if you won't.

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