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One thing that annoys me when waiting in a line. Okay two things.

Added: Friday, July 12th 2019 at 8:49am by sfeastbay

One thing that annoys me when waiting in a line is when the person in front of me doesn't move up when the people in front of them do.

No one likes waiting in line for something, but we know we have to and will many times in life.

But it's annoying to me when the person in front of me doesn't move up when they can.

The one thing we all want to do in a line is keep moving forward until it's our turn, but just standing there can be frustrating waiting to move.

So when we can move, we want to and if the person in front of me doesn't, then I just want to push them forward and yell MOVE.

That's what happen the other night while in a store. No I didn't push anyone.

They have one line and then you go to the next checker. Those lines are the best since they move faster, but this woman in front of me didn't want to keep moving forward when she could.

There was people behind me, so I'm sure they thought the same as me....MOVE.

I know we won't get helped faster, but it's the idea there is now a huge space between her and the person in front of her, and that's annnoying since we want to keep moving when in a line.

I know when it was finally her turn, I moved way up to close the big gap she left and everyone behind me moved up too which cleared the cross aisle those people were blocking because the woman in front of me didn't move forward when she could.

The other thing that annoys people is the person behind me who seems to think they need to be right up against me in line.

Leave a gap people, no one wants a stranger standing so close behind them that it feels like they are attached to you.

Even people I know I wouldn't want pressing against me in a line.

And if you move up a bit to make a gap, what does that person do but move up and close that gap.

Maybe that's why a lot of women carry those big purses, to use as a barriers between them and the person behind them.

I have used a hand basket and turned sideways a little so the basket is between me and the person behind me so they keep back a bit.

Come to think of it, teachers always had us standing close when in line. Maybe some adults never grew out of that way of standing in line.


Are you a line mover? Do you hold up lines?

Do you hate someone standing to close in line? Do you stand close to people in line?

Let us know, as...................



User Comments

The only time I'd ever hold up a line is when waiting to get on a roller coaster or something....  because it doesn't really matter if they're is a gap until you're on the platform.. I'd never do it on purpose, but there isn't much to do in those lines but look at the phone, hot women, or the coaster rolling by with people screaming.

I do remember once someone holding up the line because they wanted to stand in front of the big ass fan. Some dude started to go around him and he moved lol...

I guess I don't care unless it's at a point where I could be getting out of the line but can't because someone is daydreaming...

I have to admit at a stop light on a hot day, I could  move up a bit but keep back because either a big rig or tree is shading the car and it's better then getting hit with the direct sun....LOL

Omg, I hate, hate when people behind me get so close to me (when I'm paying), it kinda looks like they're with me.  Just last week some lady did that, and I actually scooted up a bit, I couldn't scoot much because I was going to use my card, and she scooted up as well. I flat out asked her if she was interested in paying my groceries, she thought I was making a joke, she laughed and said, "oh no, look at all I have here." I replied, "Ok, than I suggest you back it up, I shouldn't be feeling your breath on me."

I also hate when people aren't prepared to pay, like, they're ringing up your crap, have your cash or card in hand.

I hate those people too that move up at the check out. Sometimes I'll start bagging my groceries myself and they see the checker is still ringing your stuff up, but they move up to the pay stop since I moved up to bag.

They see you're aren't leaving so should stay back.

And don't even get me started on the check writers...

I've never really had anyone behind me in a line, invading my close space, except maybe at amusement rides, but as for lines in stores, not really.  Maybe the occasional bump in the caboose from a cart, by accident...but other than that, no complaints.

Now, in front.....yes!  The person that refuses to move.  Not so much in the lines of stores but buffet lines!  Omg, I'm steadily on a slow burn when that happens. Some will even say, "I'm waiting right here, I'm not moving".  So I'll say, "then you won't mind if I get in front of you"...all the while doing just that while saying what I say.  That....burns me to a crisp, ughď

Last Saturday at the grocery store there was the 'let's bring the family shopping and then walk out slowwwwwwwwwwly to the door shoulder to shoulder so no one can pass us to get out' group.

These people walked so slow that I and the others trying to get out couldn't get around them. That just seemed maddening to me.


You must have been at a Phamacy.  They are the only ones tha has a single line, at Walmart.  And 2 cherckouts.

When we have to wait in a long line, we move up, when the person in front of us move up, unless we will end up blocking the main aisle, then we hold back, until the person at the checkout in front of us moves forward, then we cross the aisle, into the check out line.

It was Dollar Tree. One of the six around here has a long counter with four registers and you wait in one line.

The nearest CVS to me has a long front counter with a single line also come to think of it.

Great, now I'm sitting here trying to think if any other store has that set up...LOL

Oh I just did, Michael's after they did a remodel.

And that’s why I shop online and have my groceries and stuff delivered. People are annoying.

Annoying is right, all 7+ million of them around me.....LOL

I want just a little space but will move when I can

I live in a large metro area so the less people around me is always welcome...LOL

I avoid lines as much as possible 


Maybe the person in front has a bad case of BO...lol..... Sorry but it has happened to me in the past.

I have had the odd person get too close behind and almost tread on back of my heel! Once or twice I have turned around and swung my basket so they get bumped by it (not swung overhead! 😂) I also don't like the bars where you are waiting to get a coffee and because some people just wander up after you and stand anywhere, the server sometimes goes to them first. Although most here do say 'that lady was here before me'. If I am in a queue with a basket full and someone else just has a newspaper or is a workman getting his lunch I tend to let them go before me and people have let me go ahead for the same reason.

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