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Odd things found in thrift stores

Added: Thursday, January 23rd 2020 at 9:48am by sfeastbay

Is it odd to see weird things in a thrift store or is the thought that people bought some of these items in the first place weirder?

I rarely go to a thrift store, so I assume they all must have some weird things in them like these people on the internet found.




What is this?



Well this is one way to keep your feet warm when weighting yourself.


Things found in a gnome house or down the rabbit hole that Alice saw.



Well, now bingo can be more fun and  less boring......LOL


For you heavy metal KISS fans out there.



Darth Toaster for the Star War's fan in your life.



In case you don't clean the litter box often enough, your cats might relate to these.


Easter is coming so there must be a little one in your life who would like this bunny


No chickens were harmed in the making of thise purse.






This is just creepy


Anyone for a game of horse shoes?


Is it a chair for cat lovers or for cats?


Get your mind out of the gutter, it's not that kind of book......LOL


No clowns aren't scary


Oh you sexy thing


So how many of you are going to head to the thrift store to see what goodies like these you can find?


User Comments

Some of these are hysterical!!  Too many to go through each one, but I laughed out loud at some, and shook my head at others.  I've been in a few thrift stores but never saw anything outragious as some of these...too bad to.  Some would make wonderful gag gifts! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

You want the chicken purse right? {#basic-laugh.gif}

I want that and the horse head shoes! {#basic-laugh.gif}

Work it be right or wrong to walk into KFC or any chicken restaurant with a chicken purse? {#gruebel.gif}

I'll walk into Church's or Popeyes....proud, with my chicken purse. And wear my horse shoes at the next rodeo we have :)

I would probably buy the purple mushroom lamp and this is coming from a woman who owns a Spongebob Squarepants clock. LOL I also like the coffee cup that says you must be on meds if you're happy. All the rest of it they could keep.

Yes, our Goodwill store sells a lot of stuff like that. You just have to look for it.

I was thinking the mushroom lamp would be nice in a kids room.

In a kid's room, hell! I'd put it in a prominent place for everyone to see. Maybe in the living room. I like odd things and my house is full of them. You should see the Winne-the-Pooh plate display and the Minion display I have in the computer/music room. 

Amala, I like that mushroom lamp too.  I think its pretty.

That's because great minds think alike. {#basic-smile.gif}


We actually have one of those items - it's my wife's - and it's not the mug.

Oh do tell us what it is.

I'll have to check with her if we still have it

As far as I know we still have it at the other place, but no matter, she bought a white one the other day - it's still in the. car, she says. A cabbage serving bowl like the above, but in white. The other is green.

Does she use it?

Well this is one way to keep your feet warm when weighting yourself. <---my dad had one!!! LOL!!

They used to make scale covers that matched the bathroom throw rugs, toilet lid covers, toilet tank covers, etc.

We used to have a black scale and when the bathroom went pink, my mother bought the scale cover to match all the seat cover and throw rugs.


i want that clock!


Put that clock on a roomba or something so it can follow you around....

i'd put wheels on it so we could waltz around the room!

Oh I love the mushroom light, how cute to have in a childs room.

It does like nice and detailed, wonder how it looked in person.

Yes, I bet all kids boys as well girls, except with a blue shade of course...lol

No purple is fine for both,,,lol

Yes, the mushroom lamp would be 'in' right now with the popularity of gnomes and fairy gardens.

Wow!  Some very interesting things there!  Have I ever mentioned that I used to collect cabbage dishes?   As a Matter of fact, I recently bought a huge cabbage tureen.  I was so embarrassed by my lack of restraint in buying it that I left it in the car for a month.   It's out now.   I only paid a few dollars for it.

Going to rebuild the collection again?


It wouldn't surprise anybody that knows me, especially the hubby, that several of these items would be calling my name (and loudly!) if I saw them at a thrift store. The old leaning grandfather clock especially!

Sorry, I didn't meant to taunt you with 'goodies' you can't get to. {#basic-laugh.gif}

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