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My hospital procedure for today was cancelled

Added: Tuesday, February 25th 2020 at 8:39am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Got a call at 7:30am this morning telling me the procedure was cancelled because the doctor had a family emergency and had to leave town.

I'll get a call to reschedule.

I can't believe it, but yes I can.

When I was to have the angiogram, the doctor changed it to a day earlier and no one called to let me know, so it had to be rescheduled.

Now this, I just can't win when it comes to having heart procedures done it seems.

So I will work today and save the day off for when it really may happen.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes.

Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper about it.

User Comments

Gee, do they understand "DO NO HARM"?

Guess I'm not ready to drop dead or anything since it was cancelled.....LOL


And I often hear horror(?) stories of peeps waiting 7-10 days for lab or image results about really bad condition/disease possibilities

I'm so sorry this happened to you. You try to prepare yourself and your nerves for what's to come....then you get a cancellation. What a letdown, ugh.

I hate that everything was all planned out with work and rides and now it will all have to be changed once I know when it's rescheduled. Very annoying!

Good grief!

There's more to a procedure  than prepping the day before it's getting into the head space.

So if they cancel it then your dealing with a soft if let down.

We get it things happen but it's irritating and disruptive.

Thing that gets me if you cancel then your in the wrong.

Major preferred day.

The woman who called to tell me it was cancelled sounded like she was waiting for me to start yelling or something. It's not her fault the doctor cancelled, so why would I get mad at her.

Exactly and I'm sure she hears a ear full all the time.

We all know stuff comes up and at the time a pain in the butt! But we get over it.

That would irritate me. I'd just wanna get it over with. Sorry

It's annoying alright.


Time to be demanding.

This happened to us too so I guess doctors have things happen. I hope they get it straightened out.

Guess they do, and it's happen to me before over the years also.

tell him you will still have to bill him for the hours

That's a good one

Nothing worse than getting mentally ready for a procedure, and having it cancelled, sorry it happened to you.

It was annoying to hear it wasa cancelled, but things happen.

That is so very annoying.  Could there not have been another doctor who could have done the procedure ?   Sorry this has happened.

He's the only heart doctor they have.

Hope you get another appointment soon.

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