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Make sure your nuts are tight Air Fryer users

Added: Sunday, October 20th 2019 at 11:08am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I did my usual Air Fryer cooking for the week after grocery shopping.

It was pork and chicken week, and after cooking it all, it was time to clean the basket and drawer.

I had put water in the drawer/basket to soften what sticks to the inside during cooking and after awhile dumped it out in the sink.



While washing it I notice one of the bolts that hold the basket to that metal (see photo) bracket that is attached to the handle was missing.

I didn't feel it in the soapy water in the basket/drawer and my first thought it was now in my garbage disposal when I dumped the water out.

Since I can't get my hand inside to check, I took a chance and turned on the disposal and no horrible sounds so I knew it wasn't in there.

I plug the drain and dumped the soapy water out and it wasn't in the sink.

I took the basket out of the drawer and did find the nut which was half the problem solved. Now where was the bolt.

I found it in the freeze attached to a piece of chicken I had cooked, and the teeny tiny little washer was still on it.

Everything is back put together and since there are two bolts holding the basket on to the metal bracket, both are now tight.

The nuts must lossen after awhile from just normal use and will come off.

Now that I know this, I will always look that they are both there and will make it a habit to check they are tight every once in awhile or if I notice the basket start to wiggle when washing it.

So Air Fryer users, check your nuts to make sure they are tight so you don't have a bolt for dinner or a surprise when you turn on your garbage disposal and hear grinding metal sounds.


User Comments

Luckily you hadn't taken a bite out of that particular piece of chicken or you might of been minus a tooth or teeth had you biten into that bolt, yikes!

I wonder how often this happens to these baskets.

Well at least you let others that own one, know.

Nice of you to let the air fryer users know.  All appliences have nuts and bolts holding them together, and they should be checked often, to make sure that the nuts and bolts are still there and that they are tight.

Yep, time gets everything loose and rattling include humans.....LOL

U don' wanna get screwed by ur chicken . . . {#exlamation.gif}

One must keep a close on one's nuts,or they may go missing. Lol

That almost sounds naughty {#giggle.gif}

Would I write something like that? Lol

Yes. {#rofl.gif}

Same thing happened to mine. I fixed so it'll never happen again :D

Another Tim Allen Home Improvement fix? {#basic-laugh.gif}

Wise advice for multiple areas in life, true?

Also, have you all seen the commercials for the Frigidaire ranges with built-in air-fryers in the oven?  Sounds interesting!


No haven't seen those ads. I think better to have a portable one that way if it breaks you just get a new one. A build in one sounds expensive to fix if it failed.

Hadn't thought of that.  Makes much more sense.  

Wow!  Lucky thing that you found them!

I'm glad I thought to check the chicken in the freezer for the bolt or I would still be standing at the sink wondering what happen to it....LOL

I just kind of had to laugh...

I have not been impressed with the air fryer yet. I need a good recipe or two to change my mind.

It's all I use now for the most part. I still will do fish on the stove top since I can watch it better.

I don't think ours has any bolts. We have drawers that pull out and a metal cage but there are no bolts on it anywhere. There's just one long iron bar that holds it all together.

You have an oven type which would be built differently, but you never know what could come loose.

Saturday reaching up to the cabinet above my stove top, my hand hit the vent hood and a long screw fell on top of the stove. It had come from the back corner of the vent that is used to attach the hood to the cabinet bottom. If I had been using the back burner, it would have fallen in whatever I was cooking.

That was sure unexpected.

Your vent hood must be as old and dilapidated as ours. Ours is a mess. I haven't cleaned it because I've been afraid it would fall apart. 

It's original from 1964, I don't use it, and it's as disgusting to look up under it as it was the day I moved in. Thankfully I'm taller then the hook, so don't have to look under it.

Good to know. Never had it happen with ours though...

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