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Made an appointment with a new dentist

Added: Thursday, February 2nd 2023 at 12:37pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I made an appointment with the new dentist for next Tuesday morning.

I was just at the dentist in December for teeth cleaning, but I wanted to get set up with the new guy while they are still taking new patients.

The woman I talked to said they have been getting a lot of calls from my retired dentist patients, so I want to make sure I'm in and set to go, and will get a new cleaning appointment for June while I'm there.

While I had my teeth cleaned in December, he didn't take xrays, so I will have that done next week when I meet the new dentist.

Someone I know who also went to my old dentist, has already gone to the new one and liked him and the office, so that's a plus to know.

My cousin will also go to the new guy, which is on his side of town, so once again I'll be driving across town for appointments.

The office sent me an email with the new patient forms to fill out, which look different than the online form I was looking at the other day.

You need a magnifing glass the print is so small just to read what it says. And I'm not saying that as in old people can't see it, I mean as in anyone would have trouble.

So it will be something new to get used to. Driving to a new location, being inside a different office with new people working there.

At least their first appointments start at 8am. I like going early to get appointments out of the way so the rest of the day is free.

I hate sitting around waiting to go to an afternoon appointment. I can't do anything before that it seems except stare at the clock waiting to go.


User Comments

Do you miss the days when Mom took care of all that stuff for you, including travel to and from?

Yes, life is easier when someone else handles things like that.


I don't do ANYTHING including filling out forms with/for doctors--in the office or I go to another doctor!

I don't mind giving basic info and anything info that would apply to the reason you are there like any dental or facial issues from the past, but they ask no much just to go to a dentist.

I hope you'll like this new dentist and he knows his business. I had to get a new one last year when mine retired and I really like him.  Lucky for me, he was a partner of my retired dentist...same office.  Good luck!

It helps that someone I know has been there already. I saw online photos of the office and it looks nicer and bigger than the old dentist office.

Good luck with the new dentist.

Thanks, next Tuesday we'll all find out what I think....LOL

­čĄ×Fingers crossed!

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