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It's the first day of spring so I vacuumed

Added: Monday, March 20th 2023 at 10:53am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

The calendar says it's the first day of spring, but the gray sky and chance of rain looks more like winter instead.

I took out the vacuum which I meant to do sooner but forgot. So since I did it the first day of spring, we'll call that doing my spring cleaning for the year.....LOL

I even emptied the canister of dusk which was only half full. 

You would think in the 21st century they would make a vac that when it sucks up dusk it turns it to fresh oxygen, disintegrates the dust, or at least sends it into a black hole never to be seen again.

Well who knows, maybe new vacs can do that and the old one I have can't. Maybe that's why those Dyson's are so expensive, they do transport the dust to another planet far far away.

My mother used to spring clean. Since she worked full time M-F, every weekend until it was done, she would empty out a room and clean it, paint if it needed it, send the drapes out to be cleaned, then put it all back.

Me I just happen to haul out the vacuum on the first day of spring and call it spring cleaning.

Can you tell I don't take after my mother in this area.


Will you now be starting your spring cleaning?


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User Comments

Need dry weather for Spring cleaning. So postponed till sometime after Independence Day...

The sun came out and no rain today. But I'm done spring cleaning for the year...LOL

sPRING CLEANING????  What's spring cleaning????

I have many compulsions, one of which is to do all aspects of cleaning at 300% strength. So, all my cleaning is spring cleaning. I'm sure my roommates appreciate it.

If anybody should clean their house, it's me. I seem to have an affinity for ignoring things like dusty furniture, cobwebs, and dirty windows. If I do notice them I'll put them on my To Do Later list. LOL 

Your mother was part of a fading tradition.  I always liked the idea of spring cleaning, but the reality is... it's usually too daunting. 

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