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It's that food buying time of the year at the grocery store.

Added: Saturday, November 16th 2019 at 12:35pm by sfeastbay

The grocery store today was up and running for the big end of year food fest.

Stacks of products everywhere and baking goods as far as the eyes could see. Told you people think they can bake this time of year.....LOL.


Need those containers of sprinkles for the tops of cookies you bake? You can find a special floor standing display of them. Yep, right at the entrance to the pet food aisle. Why they were there I do not know, but they were made for human cookies, not pet treats.....LOL


And naturally there was a sea of aluminum baking pans.

The store was even busier then a normal Saturday when I'm there at the same time.

Baskets bulging with goods, well except for one guy who they used a flat cart for the 1,200 cans of Progresso soup he was buying.

Either he likes his Progresso soup, or he was buying for a shelter holiday meal.

More workers then usual seemed to be around putting stock up, which except for dairy, produce and the meat department, you usually don't see in the regular aisles.

I kept running into this non-store worker with his hand cart stacking cases of wine around the store. He must have worked for the winery and had scored some prime floor space with the chain store I shop. Buy his preppy attire and age, you can tell this is something he doesn't normally do....LOL

Next week will be a mad house at the grocery store. But I will go Saturday morning as usual and be one of those shoppers who know it will be busy the Saturday before Thanksgiving so will plan for it to take longer to shop, move through the aisles and check out.

I won't be one of those people who think they can run in the weekend before Thanksgiving and buy what they want and be out in 10 minutes.


I'll say one thing for smart phones, people aren't as antsy or restless waiting in long lines like they used to be, since they now stand there looking at the phone like they do the other 23 and a half hours of the day.

But then again, standing in line looking at your phone is why check stand magazine sales are down.

People used to look at them and buy them so people didn't think they were 'those' type people who looked at magazines in line and then put them back. You know who you are...or were before you got a smartphone.....LOL




User Comments

Yep, it is that time of the year.

And this time of the year is why gym memberships peak in January.....LOL

Hey... if they're going to make me wait...

I'd rather watch how the people in front of me are going to do something annoying and hold up the line.....LOL

  "People used to look at them and buy them so people didn't think they were 'those' type people who looked at magazines in line and then put them back. You know who you are...or were before you got a smartphone.....LOL" ....

Naw, I'm the other sort of guy who might look at those magazines in line and then put them back before checkout , as I didn't want to be known as the sort of guy who would buy such garbage, lol...



What do you mean, when the Globe came out that Cher was dating a space alien, everyone wanted to know the details. {#basic-laugh.gif}

What kind of flying saucer did he fly, and did it have a hemi?

put them back before checkout

That's the most important part. If somebody is gonna see ya reading such mindless drivel, best that it be when you're putting it back on the rack. Sets a good example.

Yep. Where else are you gonna find out Cher dumped her shiftless alien "boyfriend" when the flying saucer AI dropped a tranny over Uranus?   Stranger than fiction. No hemi either.

I was surprised at how busy it was in the store...and I shouldn't have been. Right now all the middle stacks of displays have Chili Makings in them. Traditional Opening Weekend of Gun Deer Season food. Lots of gassy hunters with guns this next weekend? I laugh.

Turkeys everywhere with bags of stuffing. Thanks, I'll do lasagna. Easier and not messy leftovers. 

I don't think I even glance at the 'rags' anymore as I use the self check out.

You would think all the chili 'tooting' in the woods would scare the deer off....LOL

You Betchya! And so would all the guys with hang overs!

{#basic-laugh.gif} I shop during the week

That's on my to-do list once I'm retired one day, to do all shopping in the morning during the week when it's calmer in stores.

I shop in the early mornings before or after CrossFit! No crowds!

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