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It's that car registration time of year again

Added: Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 9:00am by sfeastbay

Yep, the yearly vehicle registration renewal notice from DMV has arrived.

Andn it's an even number year so it means I have to get a smog check to renew my tags.

Registration on a 24 year old vehicle.....$163.00 for one year. Pay late and it's even higher.

For the smog check it should run around $75.00 since I must use a STAR  station since I drive a old vehicle. A STAR station can only inspect and not repair anything to pass, so it costs more for the inspection.

And assuming it passes inspection, I can then renew my registration.

It's getting harder to pass as the state keeps changing the 'numbers' the older the vehicle is to make it harder to pass so you must replace it with a new vehicle.

But any vehicle made prior to 1970 doesn't need to do a smog check and can still be on the road poluting the air worse then any 24 year old mini van would ever do.

So one day it will get to a point where I'll need to get a new car or move to a state that doesn't care how old my vehicle is and doesn't do smog checks.

I already get a letter every year from the air quality board wanting to give me $1000.00 to turn in my vehicle and replace it.

Give me a new car instead since I can't buy a new car for $1000.00.

It's been so long since I bought a new car....like 24 years....I wouldn't know what to get since I haven't had to think about it. I like what I have and not most of what I see on the road.

I do sit at stop lights and judge the looks by the rear end of the car in front of me. Yes I judge how a car looks from it's behind....LOL

Why, because I don't ever want a car where people behind me would be looking and thinking, 'what an ugly back end' like I do at lights.

So some day a car dealer will be wondering why I only look at the back end of the vehicle and not the front, sides or inside the car before deciding for or against a car....LOL


User Comments

Every year, you need to register your car.  Prices may go up, or may go down.  We register our car in June.

It used to go down the older you are was with the lowest at that time of $21.00 a year. Mine was just about to get there when state law changed and raised it all to pay state bills, and it never went down.

What does a smog check consist of?  I never heard of those.

Checks the emission system to keep air pollution down.

We do not have inspections here. I just go on the computer, put in my # and they mail me the tags. I think it is $75 plus a small fee for mailing.

I think they charge $9.00 if you pay online, at least that's what it was a few years  ago when I looked at doing that. A stamp was cheaper....LOL

$1.76 here. I cannot drive over there, stand in line for an hour, and drive home for that price.

We just put the stupid stickers on our cars this morning. We don't have emissions testing here right now.

The whole thing is dumb since my 24 yr old van will still polute less then the pre 1970 cars still on the road that don't need to be tested since they would never pass. A neighbor drives a 40 year old car and when he drives by you can die from the fumes coming off his car. But he can still drive it, but I have to keep getting tested every 2 years and one day may not pass.

I have a 1958 pickup truck but no fumes or smoke. It runs better than new. But I pay a small fortune for tags. My son just smogged his 2018 diesel pickup it cost $100 to do that and $800 for tags. More than his car payment. California has the highest rates in the US for tags.... it was the last time I saw a chart anyway. Plus don’t even get me started about insurance costs.

I knew a guy when I lived in L.A. who was from Ohio and lived here for many years, but kept his drivers license and car registration in Ohio since it cost so much less. When he got a new car, he went back to Ohio to buy it so it would be less.

Helps to still have family and good friends in other states so you can use their address when needed.


Oh and I also drive a 2007 mini van as part of the benefits of my taking care of my ex mother in law. She pays over $300 for tags on it.

It's crazy what they charge and in some states you can pay almost nothing and the tag is good for five years.

Makes me happy that I don't drive or have a car anymore!  Yikes-a-roonie!

Dread getting a new car one day in this state as the price is even higher.

And I'd be scared to death to buy a car that could park itself or brake itself ... YIKES!

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