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It's getting darker earlier and I saw my first seasonal TV ad

Added: Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 7:31pm by sfeastbay

I noticed tonight it's getting darkier earlier which is a sure sign Autumn approches.

Even if you see Halloween merchandise in the stores in August you know since it's 80 degrees or more that it's not really Fall yet, but when it starts to get darkier earlier you know it's coming.

The seaonal ad was for that Coffee Mate stuff in seasonal flavors. I don't know what flavors, but they said seasonal and it had the ginger bread man in it so you know it's holiday time.

I guess any day now we'll be seeing those christmas tree ads to order online so they arrive by the time you need it and those holiday projector things that shine on the outside of your house.

They have them for Halloween, so we should be seeing those soon also.

I also noticed at the grocery store the items they stack on the floor in the aisles for baking and holiday dinners started to appear.

Like the aisles aren't crowded enough with people and carts, they have to stack baking items in the aisle to block the aisle more.

They already had some boxes of halloween candy stacked in bulk, so more will be arriving as the weeks get closer to Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We might as well get used to it, it's that time of year now.


User Comments

It doesn't get duck here in summer until 11:oo PM. Now it is dusk at 7:30. I hate this time of year. No Halloween decos yet but I see the stores are starting to stock up on tooth decay.

The signs of Halloween are in all the stores now.

LOL, just having a laugh at Ken's "it doesn't get duck here",  sounds like something I would miss type...lol.

We are having a few hot days, "not today" but we have had a few, and I am not looking forward to summer at all, Christmas, well it comes around a lot sooner it seems, but I don't worry about it, nothing changes here.

I would hate to live where you do and have Christmas in summer. Your Christmas ads must have Santa at the beach surrounded by sand, where ours he's in a flannel suit surrounded in snow.

LOL  Believe it or not he is here as well....lol

I do not like seeing summer come to a close.Make it stop.  {#angelgirl.gif}  

and I can't wait. {#basic-laugh.gif}

I have perfected the art of ignoring it all. Halloween is fun..  but I could do without the rest of the year that follows.

This winter build a few snowmen and dress them up to look like KISS and you'll be fine. {#basic-laugh.gif}


For some, it may be exciting to start seeing the seasonal merchandise coming in.  Me?  I find it depressing.  Every year I say the same thing about how Nothing should appear before the beginning of the holiday's month, but no one listens.  Instead the catalogs with autumn stuff begin coming in through the mail which includes Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas, and I'm so not ready for that.

I think the sun is now setting here at 7:40 pm.  I hate to see it set early also.  Another depressing moment...

I'm not crazy about seeing holiday items in stores in August, but it's ok now to see Halloween.

Halloween...but by itself, not taking the other two holidays with it.

The stores around here have both their Halloween and Christmas stuff stacked in the aisles. So pushing a cart though all of that is like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle. 

Stores need to stick with one holiday at a time, it's getting crazier each year. Soon all holiday merchandise will be out year round.

We never really get away from seasonal adds. Used to be more subtle about now it's front and center. Hard to feel fallish when it's so hot out. Lol. And knowing when the weather shifts it will be back cooler or folder temps. But the stores are by going to let us forget. 

I wonder which chain store will be the first to start playing Christmas music.

One year Walgreens had Halloween stuff up and around the corner they had started putting up Christmas on one side you heard scary screams and moans on the other side it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. To two together cracked me up. 

They used to get their candy canes in with the halloween candy and I used to buy a box to bring to my mother at the care facility just to confuse people...LOL

Yes, it's getting dark sooner.  Autumn weather has hit here, a little early.  We'll start seeing seasonal ads the last week of this month, and by October 1st. Walmart will have their Christmas Decor up, right beside the Halloween stuff.  It never fails, lol!

Should give out those small individually wrapped candy canes for halloween and see what kids think.....LOL


Boots and sweaters weather!! My favorite time of year!!

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