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It's Friday and I feel good (knock on wood) for a change

Added: Friday, November 15th 2019 at 9:17am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Yep, it's Friday the end of the work week for me and that is always nice.

I feel pretty good this morning, since for the last four weeks, I haven't been up to par and felt crappy every day.

The newspaper has was here three days in a round when I went out to get it. It was still late, but it was here for me to read in the morning before work. FYI, it's almost 9am and time for work to start, and it still isn't here.....LOL

Thanksgiving....or as I like to call it, a five day weekend....is now less then two weeks away.

We have to admit Christmas is here since I saw lots already set up to sell Christmas trees. The mall was all decked out for Christmas the other night when I was there.

I've seen more houses with Christmas decorations out front already.

I had a Filipino woman tell me her culture celebrates Christmas for all the four 'ber months of the year, including playing Christmas music the whole time.

Since I wasn't feeling great the last month, I had decided not to put up anything for Christmas, but now feeling better, my mind changes.

I was planning on going through my stuff and getting rid of what I don't use anymore.

I already pared it down to two bins, but I could do more. Cut it down and make it all more simple. Less is more as the saying goes.

I may even try and find a two foot fake tree that really is two feet.

The (what I thought) was two feet when I did buy one was three feet once the stand was put on. It's ok since I can leave it up with the lights on it and a large trash bag over it in the shed and it's good to go.

Work is a little calmer this week and with my new mind set of not caring is helping me feel better this week.

So throwing out 20th century work ethics and adopting modern 21st century don't care work ethics seems to be the way to go.

Everyone have a good day and weekend.



User Comments

Sorry to hear you still aren't up to par but starting to feel better.  I look forward to the 5 day week end myself. 

Black Friday I'll bring out my ceramic C'mas deco and hang up a wreath at my door as well as the C'mas door hangers and my vase of lights, but that's about it.  Its the feeling of Christmas and that's good enough for me. Plus with two cats alot of the Christmas stuff is not cat friendly, but what I set out will be fine.

Ya just can't get away from Christmas nothing right now.  You'd swear that holiday was coming up first instead of Thansgiving.

Amazing how things look better when you feel good.

Except for grocery stores, I'm sure other retailers would like it if everything forgot Thanksgiving.

Halloween and Christmas seem the preferred with Thanksgiving as an afterthought.

Just think, you have the full weekend, to get to feeling even better!!

I was planning on doing nothing before to rest and try and feel better. Now I'll enjoy doing nothing.....LOL

I have to admit... I've got Christmas on the brain. 

I'm not admitting it (hehe), but awhile back I bought two Christmas items at Dollar Tree when they started getting stuff in.  I liked them and with D.T., it's here today gone tomorrow never to return, so I got them.

I was sorting through my xmas decorations today to see what I might wanna add this year. I'm LED blue heavy so need to add something white, like deer maybe...

I'm not a fan of that blue LED light look. I bought LED string lights once and took them back for the old fashion lights that are nice a bright.

I think they're plenty bright and look way better than the old style. I would never put up any other colors. The blue looks best on snow.

No snow here so I'll take your word for that.....LOL

Lol learn something new every day :)

We had this same discussion last year {#bag-on-head.gif}

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