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It's August so Halloween has arrived

Added: Monday, August 10th 2020 at 9:09am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Yep, Halloween decorations have hit the stores already and will increase once they clear the school supplies out, which may be soon as I thought I heard some schools go back today, or at least go back online today.

I've seen the start of Halloween decorations at one Dollar Tree I was at last week. They had one aisle up already and a bunch of Fall items also.

I've noticed trending videos on youtube where people have been touring the Halloween decorations at chain stores already like Big Lots, Michaels, At Home, and I saw one yesterday that a Halloween Spirit store open already.

I need to go to Home Depot and I remember last summer they had their seaonal area decked out for Halloween and by the end of October, Halloween was gone and Christmas had arrived.

If I remember to go this week, I'll have to pay attention if they set up Halloween yet.

I heard one neighbor Friday telling another neighbor how she how Halloween was her favorite season, and yesterday they were standing out front looking at their place and I was wondering if she was planning how to decorate for Halloween this year.

While over the years around here Halloween has not been a big door-to-door trick or treating for kids, at least not in my neighborhood, I do hope people still put out decorations like every year.

With this pandemic kids may not go door-to-door, but I think everyone can get a much needed 'spirit' lift over seeing familiar outdoor decorations for Halloween and also Christmas later this year.

I will have to drive by the old Toys-R-Us store to see if a Spirit Halloween store is there or going to be there. They went in last Halloween and the store is still there empty with Toys-R-Us signs still, so maybe they will be there this year also.

Have you gotten your Halloween spirit yet? I know it's only August, but you need to make plans now while there are still decorations in the stores before they are all sold out and/or picked over.

Happy Hauntinig.


User Comments

I was in Menards the other day and Halloween is starting to show up, but I thought will there even be much reason to decorate, will kids even bother trick or treating?

I guess Halloween as well as thanksgiving and Christmas will look different with dissenting.


We will have to wait and see how people do at decorating this year. Some may not have extra funds to buy new items, but some may have items they will put out since they have the time now if not working still by then.

I'm so not into Halloween or any of the upcoming holidays at all this year.  Its not like you can really enjoy a gathering of family members and/or friends without having to worry about Covid and trick or treating will probably have restrictions, so yeah.  Maybe as they get closer I'll feel different.

Can you see the trick-or-treat rules, yell 6' from the door that you are there and the home owner will throw a piece of candy at you.

Hahaha!  That sounds about right.  Make sure and bring a mitt to catch!  {#basic-laugh.gif}

Don't worry--Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here and gone before you know it!

It seems we have just blinked and all the holidays are coming around again.


 I hear people say Halloween is their favorite, and I cringe.  Not a fan.

Yep halloween decor is in stores here too. I'm starting to feel the itch of fall as the nights get a bit cooler here already. During our hiking we have seen many leaves already changing color. A sign maybe fall will be early or winter will be cold this year. If I start seeing the birds fly out I'll know for sure. lol 

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