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It's almost time to start writing 2019

Added: Thursday, December 6th 2018 at 4:29pm by sfeastbay

Seems like we just started writing 2018, and now it's almost time to start writing 2019.

It's that time of year when people are either glad the old year is ending and a new year begins, or they don't want to see the current year end as it's been great.

I guess the older you get, it really doesn't matter, it all blurs together anyway.

Some days are good and others not so hotsy-totsy.


Oh my, the things that came up when I did a yahoo image search on hotsy totsy....LOL


Ok, I waited while you went to do a hotsy totsy search on yahoo.....LOL

You tried it didn't you?

Or you will.......LOL


Remember we were talking about one year ending and another beginning, so how do you feel about the changing of years?

And are you a 20-19 or 2000-19 kind of person? I'm on team 20-19.


User Comments

Lol used to be harder remembering the year and for a long time I would write the year on all my check so I wouldn't for get. Lol I'm more 20-19 than 20019

I think once we get to the 20s it will be the same for everyone. 2020 sounds better anyway.

It won't affect me very much.  I seldom have to write the date.

I think I'm a 20-19 goer, 2018 has gone so fast it almost wasn't here.

I woke one morning and it was December already.


I can relate...lol

For me its twenty-18.  Twenty-19 is like.....right there.  The only time I write it out is when I'm mailing off a bill payment.  The days, weeks, months pass so fast that changinv out one number for the next, won't matter.

The skeleton waiting above made me laugh like a hyena.  I wasn't expecting that, lol!

Before you know it, we'll be saying the same thing that it's almost 2020.


I like this one

I don't do yahoo.  I am a 2019.  Since I'm a 2018 now, I'll just change the last number.

I hate the changing of the year because I always feel like I'm forgetting something :D

You do, everything you said you would do that year and never did....LOL

Yes that's it.... the "list" :)

Years are passing by too fast.  another year means another year older...ugh.

I agree-the year went by fast & it does all blur together. The only thing I'll worry about for a few months is writing the date for bills. Thankfully many are electronic. 
I didn't know there was a team. lol 20-19 I suppose. 

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