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It's a lot nicer to go to bed when it's cold then when it's hot

Added: Tuesday, December 10th 2019 at 8:35am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

This time of year is much nicer and enjoyable to go to bed when it's cold compared to going to bed in summer when it's hot.

You go to bed wearing more clothes then you wore during the day, and you bury yourself under the covers and get all warm and cozy.

I know I sleep better when it's cold then when it's hot.


During the heat of summer, even sleeping half in the fridge you are still hot and uncomfortable.

You lay in bed hot and don't even like the feel of the sheets against you and anything over you is a no-no.

Cold weather sleeping is much better and you even look forward to going to bed and getting all snuggled up under the covers and being nice and warm to sleep.



Yep, I'd much rather sleep in winter under the covers, then on a block of ice in summer.

How about you?


User Comments

Oh I much rather winter sleeping than summer sleeping. Even though I keep the a/c cold at night in summer, there is nothing like snuggling up with the covers over your head in the winter.  



When it's really cold, I'm under the covers and I make sure there is space between the pillows for airflow to the 'surface' and I'm happy as can be.

Oh yes, that airflow is important and me too. Just a smidgen of space enough to breathe and I'm good to go!  Its also why I prefer winter over summer. I much prefer cold over warmth.

In the summer, we only use a sheet to cover us, and the ceiling fan is on, makes it comfortable for sleeping.  In winter, we put the blanket back on, but the furnance is turned down, so the bedroom is still cool.  We can't sleep if it's warm in the bedroom, summer or winter.

Once I forgot the heater was on, and it kicked in during the night and I jumped off to turn it off since it wasn't needed when I'm buried under the comforter....LOL

This is what I love about call and winter much cooler or cold temps because you can always cover up more than when it's hot. I sleep and feel better durning the  winter months . Maybe  because We are house bound and not over doing it so much.

You can do a lot to keep warm, but there is only so much you can do in summer to keep cool and even then you never feel comfortable.

I have a fan that runs at night goes off in the day

In summer I have a fan blowing on me when I sleep and on a really hot night, that only helps a little.

All times of the year I'm in Boxers and nothin' else, no blankets. :)

The dogs definitely get under cover. We have a fan on but I hate the air on me so we angle it a bit to hit her mostly.

You must be really hot blooded then to sleep that way.

I'm not, but she is...  and if I get cold I just grab her lol It's always been that way.

The woman is an oven. {#giggle.gif}

It's usually the other way around, the women are cold and put their cold feet on the man to warm them.....LOL

I don't wear anything in bed except knickers as I get too hot. I have a feather duvet for winter and put the electric blanket on just an hour before I go to bed to take the chill off the sheet. I keep a t shirt under the pillow in case of a fire 😅 I only put the heating on for about an hour if place gets cold, but as it's not got a timer I go to bed in the cold and get up in the cold, but you do dress quicker 😄

You do get in and out of bed quicker when it's cold that's for sure. And turning off the hot water in the shower on a cold morning is instant freezing...LOL

That's true, but I am ok with shower as I have a combi boiler so water is heated as it runs. 

I agree. Sleeping in the winter definitely IS better than sleeping in the summer. When it's cold you can put on more clothes and snuggle under a pile of blankets but when it's hot all you can do is lie under a fan naked and turn the sheets soggy with your sweat. 

If I had one of those chest freezers, I'd turn it into a bed for summer since my place can get so hot....LOL

A good idea. Just don't forget to add air holes. LOL

Give me the winter over summer "morning noon or night".   {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-tongue-out.gif} {#basic-tongue-out.gif} {#basic-wink.gif} {#basic-wink.gif}

I like winter sleeping better.   You can always add more blankets. 

I have an old heavy sleeping bag that sometimes I'll open up and put on the bed also for added warmth.

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