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I'm going to post some things for sale on ebay today

Added: Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 11:49am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I haven't put anything for sale on ebay for a long time, but am going to today.

I'm hoping I can still figure out how to do it.

Until this week, I haven't even looked at ebay since I last listed on it, and it even looks different.

It looks more like shopping at the mall with all kinds of stores and not just average people listing things they want to get rid of.

And nothing looked cheap price wise, everything looked high like at the mall.

When did the 'mom & pop' feel of ebay go away?

Back in the day I bought and sold a lot on ebay and it was kind of fun.

I was soured on ebay the last time I sold something as the woman gave me a bad review (my only one ever) saying she never got the item, even when the post office tracking showed the date and time they put it on her porch.

I'm sure it will take longer now to post something, if it's like work, everytime they change something it's never to make it quick and easy.

Well it's almost noon, if I start now, I should have one thing listed by dinner time....LOL


User Comments

I don’t eBay anymore I do Letgo and that type of app to sell stuff. I just sold my travel trailer on Facebook marketplace.

I don't use FB. My cousin said to use some 5 mile radius site to sell with 5 miles of where you live. He had a friend list a pet kennel for him and she got it sold fast for him.

I just finish listing on ebay, but not everything I have.

I'll give you a little tip... the best time to list on eBay is on Sunday between 1-3. It has been researched... it's the day before going back to work on Monday, people are getting home from church and relaxing for the rest of the day. Statistically, that's the time when the most people check in on eBay.  

Where were you with that 3 hours ago when I started.....LOL

I did see lately and someone here told me what it meant, but ebay came up with Green Monday which is Dec 9th as the busiest shopping day on ebay. So we'll see as I just finished listing some stuff.

Ha!!! I was outside in my garage working on a go kart. {#basic-cool.gif}

A go kart? To sell on ebay....LOL

No, they sell on facebook... pick up only, I won't ship a kart. I have 4 that I'm working on now, vintage 60's and 70's. Buy 'em in the fall when guys are trying to clean up and make room in their garages, sell 'em in the spring when the market is hot. Everyting I list on there has sold within 24 hrs and for my asking price, Three have actually sold for more than my asking price. 

That's good, didn't know there was a go kart market.

I've always thought a good time to sell on ebay was winter since it keeps people indoors more and they get bored so start looking at ebay.

...boomers wanting what they couldn't have as kids. They want them for their kids or grand kids. They're very hot now. I can buy some and do nothing more than bring them home, clean 'em up and get the engine running and easily quadruple my investment.

Collectors are looking year round. 


...and, make it an auction rather than a "Buy it Now" ...those suck, they put a high $ and they usually sit there collecting dust... like a museum or something. I would usually start at a fairly low starting bid, that way you get a lot of interest and a lot more people think they have a chance of winning, so they're invested in it from the get go. If you're afraid of it going too low, you can always add a reserve, but that costs a little more than the standard auction.

I was looking at others that are selling what I have with is some old toys and either they are crazy with their prices, or they don't really want to sell them but their wife is making them list things. This way they can honestly said, it didn't sell....LOL

Old toys can do very well on eBay. I made a lot of money selling toys from the 50s, 60's, 70's, and even some from the 80's. And from a $1 investment in Pez "no feet" dispensors, I made $850. Old cap guns, sell well, Zorro, Roy Rogers, old kid's tin lunch boxes, tin cars...

Some times I don't know which is better, to try and sell individual pieces or to group same type items together as a 'Lot'.

My cousin (the hoarder) has a bunch of old stuff and I keep telling him to sell it while baby boomers who would buy it are still alive. I can't see 20 year old buying old boomer toys/collectables.


No, it's the bommers buying boomer era stuff. Only list in lots if it's like a lot of broken toys and parts. Yes, even broken stuff or parts will sell. You may have that part that will fix and complete some collectors toy. 

I've seen people selling those naked 60s GI Joe dolls (whoops I mean action figures) which I have seen on TV sell for parts.

I have a lot of GI Joe stuff which I will have to group in lots or just put all together since there are to many little pieces to do each item.

List each individual action figure with all of it's accessories seperately, you'll get more. If you lump them all in a lot, you'll take a beating. If you have a bunch of broken ones, sure, list them in lots, but not huge lots. break those down into smaller lots. 

...especially if your starting bid is $1.99

I have two dolls but I don't think one is a real GI Joe. A bunch of accessories and a lot of booklets that came with them. 

Used to have the wood foot locker, but don't remember whatever happen to it. Must have sold it at the flea market or something. One cousin and I used to have to much of the GI Joe stuff.

Need 3000+ Hot Wheel cars still in their packaging? Yep, my cousin the hoarder has them. I keep telling him the red lines are worth something at least and to try and sell those. 

Booklets, instructions, and original packaging up the value. Even GI Joe (and/or anything old) magazine advertisements can sell for as much as $10-$18 an ad page. Owners manuals... I sold and old Briggs and Stratton 10-page 3"x5" owners pamphlet that brought $75. 

Hot Wheels in original packaging... cha ching.

Before listing anything, do an advanced eBay search for "sold" items like you have to get a good idea for what your item should go for. 

I have some magazines I bought from when I was born and it is fun to look at them every so once in awhile to see ads and photos from then.

On ebay I see listed ads for all kinds of vintage or antique things, from watches to outboard motors to old clocks to old phonographs... you name it. When a collector displays his stuff, he likes to have everything that's connected to it on display with it... like an image of a movie star wearing the same watch that he has in his collection, or an image of a scene in an old movie that shows the same mantle clock that he has on display.

I haven't been on there since my Metal shop days. I bought and sold a lot of bulk back then, and found some treasures too... but it has been a long time since doing any Ebay.

Good luck selling your items.

I just spent 3 hours listing 24 items. While it was a slow start since it's changed since I last listed there years ago, I did get quicker towards the end.

I had to stop as I got tired. I have much more I want to sell but pooped out on doing it.

Since Turbo-Lister no longer works, you now have to do each one individually, a real PIA. Before, with Turbo-Lister, I could work on all of my listings during the week and edit them if needed, then upload then all at once at 1 o'clock on Sunday. 

things have changed again I closed my store cause it really is hard to sell there any more...also expensive .. and I was with them since 1998  Good Luck


Yep, 8-10 years ago it was great, not so much anymore.

People are crazy on some of their asking prices and have no bids.

I'm listing something for a 1.99 that someone will have the same thing listed for $90+. I think it's a lot of new people thinking old items from their childhood 50-60 years ago are worth a ton of money and they aren't.

$1.99 is an awesome starting price, you may be surprised at the final bids. Don't bet on those only toys not bringing a good price. I could go on and on about how well mine went. Forget about those "Buy it Now" dead listings, the action is in the auction listings. 

It used to be starting prices were a penny, now 1.99 sounded about right.

And 1.99 looks better compared to others with their $30-300 starting prices.

Exactly... you'll have people salivating when they see your starting bids. 

They be like... {#what-the-oh-my.gif} ... then... {#yummy.gif}

I think Buy it Now is sellers hoping someone is really desperate for their item and would pay any price for it 'right now'.

BIN are those guys waiting for that one guy who will pay what they saw an item like it go for at one time. 

Another thing... take good photos, if need be, take photos from different angles. Presentation is everything. Give a full description and point out any flaws. Hide nothing, the buyer appreciated that. Those 2 things, photos and description, are important and they eliminate you getting a lot of questions to answer. 

Also, you can order free shipping boxes from the Post Office and have them delivered to your front door free. Order them online. Do your shipping/postage labels online too, you save money. You can schedule the PO to pick them up too. You don't even have to leave your house for any of it.  

Ebay is no longer the fun it once was, and unless it's rare collectables or quantity you're selling, it's better to go with facebook Marketplace. Do a search for every selling site on there for cities surrounding you within say 20 miles, join them and multi-list on all of them and include Marketplace. It's free and it get a lot of viewing.

 I don't use FB, and I did not have fun listing that's for sure. What I did list has had a number of views and one is being watched. I just finished listing so hopefully with my low prices some buys will happen.

A relative had a friend list a dog kennel for him on some five mile radius site and it sold, but I have old toys and collectables which may do better on ebay. At least that's where I'm starting.

Collectables do much better on eBay... not on facebook. Also, when I made my collectables available for worldwide shipping, my items sold for more money, especially anything made in Germany or England pre-WWII. A lot was destroyed during the war and they're buying those things back from us now. 

Interesting, never would have thought about people wanting to buy old stuff lost from a war.

Made in England and Germany are quality items to begin with.

There was a guy from Germany that I followed, he bought nothing but old German tin toys... he would pay as much as $5000 for an old tin toy... I saw him buy just the box that a toy came in, without the toy, for $350. He would spend $thousands every week. He must have been either a very wealthy collector, or buying for a museum. 

Amazing what people will buy, you just never know.

That's right, so before dumping something off at a thrift store, do a little research first. Notice how Goodwill never has anything good in their store? It goes on their eBay site. 

Now that you mention it, I had heard that from someone once.

Don’t sell dope on there.

Now you tell me......LOL

Nope no dope

Hope you survived posting. Lol

After 3 hours listing 24 items I was to pooped to continue and I have so much more to do.

How many items you have? Over 50 but less than 100?

Of all the stuff I would like to get rid of, I can't even count that high....LOL

That's just stuff that I think has value from what I've seen of the selling of boomer toys and general collectable item.

I have stuff I could take to the thirft store and not give it second thought, but other stuff that has value, I need to try and sell.

I hope you can sell what you want and yes, thank goodness for thrift shops. Those really come in handy.

 Keep in mind, there's a collector for nearly everything.

Let me tell ya about a crazy yard sale buy and sell I made... a box of old double edge razor blades for $0.50. I bought them because I thought the graphics on the packs and blade wrappers well cool. Apparently, so do the collectors. It turns out they were imported WWII era razor blades from Europe. During the war, all US steel went to the military, so we were importing our razor blades. I had a box full. I really thought nothing of them until I did an ebay search... WOW. By the time I was finished selling them I had racked up $850... from that 50 cent yard sale buy. 

Holy crap!  That would have been just as exciting as winning the lottery!  Who flippin knew!?!  Some people really have no idea how valuable items they buy may actually be.

 Money well spent. When we had the estate sale for my mothers house, the company that did it put my old beat up (and I mean beat up) hydraulic Tonka metal dump truck on their ebay store where it sold for $349.00. I thought someone was crazy to pay that....LOL.

An old Buddy-L truck of mine that wasn't even complete sold for $40.00 at the estate sale and again I thought they were crazy to pay that. I'm glad she saved those all those years.

Nope, not crazy at all. There are guys out there that do perfect restorations on old toys and the can fetch 10 times that when they're done. 

*and they can fetch

I've watched a few youtube videos with a guy restoring some beat up Matchbox cars. Even able to get original looking decals from to put on them after he was done. They looked pretty good once he was done.

I myself want the capabilities for making decals for my restoration projects. 

I always shop on eBay as you can get free postage for most items. Although I will pay postage if it's not too much. I will bid for some things if the starting price is low and if I really want it I put in my highest bid and just hope for the best, but I won't go above what I want to spend. I do buy 'But it Now' items if the price seems fair, but I also check the feedback of the seller to see how much bad feedback they have as that can tell you if they are good sellers. Some sellers are from China which means waiting for ages for your item, and I won't buy clothes from them as their sizes are so small! But for the most part I love eBay. So good luck.

Thinking about how much you are willing to pay first and sticking with that is best. A lot of people get caught up in a bidding war because they have an ego that says they must win that item and never think of the cost. Good for the seller, bad for the buyer.

I can never understand people bidding just to out do your bid when they end up paying the amount it would have cost them in a shop brand new. I will bid but if it goes up to price a shop charges why bid more!  I have had a couple of things from that Wish site, but only camp lights or stickers or coke can covers with screw tops as I don't mind waiting. 

NEVER buy from China on eBay!!! Shipping usually takes a good month or more, at which point many people forget that they even bought something. Twice now, my item never arrived. 

I watch a guy on youtube that reviews As Seen on TV type merchandise and compares them to same like products. He is always talking about Wish.com and they are a company in China selling knock offs o the As Seen products. He always says it can take months for an item to arrive and how poor a quality the products are, but they are cheap.

The Chinese profit by stealing our ideas and inventions. I will not contribute to their prosperity. 

I'm going to follow this as I have some collectable stuff to sell and I have other 'stuff' that would suite FB Marketplace better. I sold one thing on FB and that went in 24 hrs for the price I asked and they picked it up. It was just annoying as heck with the stupid questions...

With ebay it seems, people just go by what the listing says and don't ask a lot of questions. What I have to sale would do better on ebay since it's small stuff that would appeal to collectors.

I have some interesting things like that but a lot of junk too. That will go at auction or FB sales.

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