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If someone were to bring you a nice hot breakfast, what would it be?

Added: Tuesday, February 18th 2020 at 9:22am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I swear right now I smell pancakes, and it's not anything I've done this morning to cause that smell.

So a post just popped into my head to ask, what kind of hot breakfast would you like someone to bring you?

I do like an old fashion basic eggs, bacon, hash browns which I would order if I went to a restaurant for breakfast.

But if someone were going to bring me one to my door, I might chose french toast, or maybe waffles since I don't own a waffle iron.

My dad used to make good french toast when I was a kid, and he could fry and egg and never break the yolk.

He was always the Sunday morning french toast and egg cooker.....LOL


I'm not one for putting whip cream or fruit on waffles like you see on some restaurant menus, but I guess some people like that.

Well now I don't know what I would want, so they better bring me one of each and I'll go from there....LOL

So what nice hot breakfast would you like someone to bring you at home in the morning?

User Comments

Biscuits smothered in country gravy!!  I'm a country girl at heart, lol!

That's something that is very rare to see on a menu where I live.

I would like a stack of buttered pancakes with strawberry syrup, topped with fresh strawberry's and whipped cream and a side of hashbrowns with a tall milk.  That's my ultimate breakfast of champs, lol.

On the other hand, I wouldn't turn down 2 eggs over easy with a side of bacon or sausage patties and toast with butter & grape jelly, again with a tall milk.

In reality however, I had coffee for breakfast, lol.

I buy flavored syrup to put in my coffee. I see a market for a breakfast flavored line now.....LOL

Ooooo, I would have never thought syrup in coffee {#confused.gif}

I was buying the hazelnut flavor, then when Dollar Tree ran out I switched to Vanilla (not French vanilla which I dont care for).

Now I bought a big bottle of Peppermint for my coffee and am using the Vanilla on my generic store brand version of Cheeri O's and it's great.

I buy the powdered hazelnut Coffee-Mate as well as the vanilla caramel and Irish Cream. Those are my favorite flavors.

Try the syrup since it should be a stronger flavor. The grocery store has more flavors but are higher priced then Dollar Tree who only has three if they have them.

Next time I go, I'll look for it.

The perfect breakfast for me right here :p


Being in California, that looks like a bowl of refried beans, but I'll go out on a limb and say it's a bowl of chucky gravy for the biscuits? {#basic-laugh.gif}

Lol out on a limb? Who the hell would eat biscuits and refried beans? ;)

Hey, if people eat those little shop of horror things a.k.a. artichokes, someone would eat biscuits and refried beans....LOL

Lol that's true.

l would like a full Irish breakfast.  Soda bread, potato bread, bacon, sausage, fried egg, mushrooms, beans and a nice hot cup of tea :-)

Why beans? I've watched youtube videos of poeple who do travel videos, and a couple of guys are English and when they show you inside an airline lounge at the breakfast they are eating, there is always beans.

Beans with breakfast are not a thing here so can't' related to them for breakfast.

Beans are healthful... and, they are time-release protein

Beans nearly always come with an Irish Breakfast.

My grandma's biscuit and sausage gravy. She has passed and I sure do miss her cooking

My grandmother made the best pancakes, and I've never seen anyone or any restaurant make them like she did. I tried once, and it was a mega failure.

They were always crispy around the edges which I liked.


I'd want grits and 2 eggs over easy, and a sausage or two, and half a toasted, buttered English muffin and hot coffee with cream and sugar. 

I haven't had an engish muffin in ages now that you mention them. Oh wait, I don't use butter anymore, guess that's the reason I haven't had any for awhile. Nothing to melt in all those nooks and crannies.

Well what I would like & what I can eat are 2 different things LOL ...I usually go for Oatmeal with fresh fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and some kind of nut. :)

And what would you like? I have a feeling it would be nothing like what you can eat.

exactly lol...well I guess I would pick Eggs Benedict with side of bacon and some hashbrows made in butter and rye toast with butter on it to dip in the eggs. Yeah totally can't eat a thing of that now. 

To bad they didn't have edible paper that is harmless to everyone, but would taste like what food the photo is of.....LOL

Now watch someone come up with that and become a billionaire over my idea.

LOL now that would be awesome! 
Yep -I bet someone will try. I told my mom many years ago when I was growing up she should of patented her invention-she put in elastic into the hunting clothes on the sides because my dad kept gaining weight then losing some--so she put it in to stretch so the very expensive clothes could go further. Many years later now many of them come with them elastic & she showed me -I said SEE you could of made millions! 

Seemed like a smart thing for her to do, but like always, other people come out with it and make money from it.


You just made me hungry! Lol

Does that mean breakfast for dinner tonight?

i'd have whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs with cut up ham and shredded mexican four cheese mix melted on top


oh wait ~ that is what i just had for dinner ~ yum!

My Friday dinner is usually breakfast since I don't feel like doing anything else at the end of the work week for dinner.

it is quick and easy and yummy


LOL, I'm having enough trouble eating a couple of spoons of cereal at the moment. lol

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