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I wonder how much more my heating bill will be with my new furnace?

Added: Sunday, January 29th 2023 at 12:11pm by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I've never used my heater much in winter. Just turn it on to get the chill out and then turn it off for the day is all that was usually needed.

All the years that I worked from home, I never used the central heat during the work day, but had a portable electric heater in the room I worked in.

Since I had the new furnace put in which is more powerful than the old one and more energy saving than the original from 1964, I've found myself using it more since I'm retired.

The reason is the old thermostat didn't have an on/off switch so I turned it on/off at the breaker.

I didn't want it turning on during the night when the temp dropped below 50 which is the lowest it could be set for.

Now with the new one having an on/off switch and it being right here in the living room near me, I find myself turning it on more since now I don't need to turn it on at the electric box which is back in my bedroom walk-in closet.

Since it's more handy to turn it on, that's what I've been doing more of.

I'm getting older so your body temp drops as you age. My normal body temp is now somewhere between 95-96ish. When I go to the doctor and they check my temp, they all think something is wrong with their equipment. I have to tell them no that's correct 95ish is my normal now.

Body temp dropping as you age is nothing new. It explains why my 97 year old aunt was wrapped in a heavy sweater last Labor Day when the temps were over 100 every day for that week.

I do keep my furnace set at 67, but when it's mid 50s when I turn it on, it does take time to get up to even 67.

It will switch off when it gets one degree higher then the set temp, and that's when I will turn the furnace off.

But it will be hard to judge cost since everything keeps going up for gas and electric, and everything else it seems.

Who ever thought it would be cheaper to heat your home in winter, than to buy a carton of eggs.

User Comments

My electric bill is always higher in winter but this past month, it's higher than it's ever been, in my lifetime!  $172.83, yikes!!  That central heat really sucks those kilowatts, like water.  I keep my thermostat set at 67 at night and during  the day, but when it gets too cold, I'll set it up to 72, no higher.  I think I'll start wrapping in a blanket on weekends so as not to burn so much electricity, sheesh! 🙄

In the evening I sit watching TV with a blanket over me. If I didn't I might turn on the heater to get the chill out.

"I'm getting older so your body temp drops as you age" Where did yoyu ever hear that?????

I've read that, and the doctor said yes it can.

I agree that old folk (which of course you'll never be as it is merely you 20somethingth birthday which is nigh) tend to feel colder.

Yep, I agree about the dropping of the temp.  It seems like any little breeze makes me shiver.  But hopefully even using it more with the energy saving component, the bills won't be horrible.

The new one it more BTUs but does heat faster so doesn't run as much as the old one did. On a really cold morning, the old would would run an hour to get up to the 66/67 temp I had set.

I hope it is not that much more expensive, and in fact saves you money.

I hope you don't have to pay too much to be warm.  Our electric bill is between 270-340 this time of year.   I have to have a blanket on me every time I sit in my chair, cuz I'm like you in the body temp department.   Right now I have a blanket and a coat on... and a bowl of hot soup, and I'm barely below shivering point.  I guess I got too cold on the walk we took.  Even Hubby got too cold.   We turned on the oven and opened the door.   It's supposed to be in the low 20s tomorrow.   

Our energy bills have risen quite a bit as well. It's no mystery as to why.


I can tell you live in CA. If you lived here you'd freeze to death. We keep our furnace on all winter, set at about 65 degrees F. It keeps the pipes from freezing and keeps hypothermia at bay. 

I don’t remember what kind of a furnace you got but, depending, you may have a pleasant surprise coastwise. I replaced my defunct electric heat pump a couple years ago, with a new and possibly more efficient one. I was very surprised when my electric bill went down. Even now, with increased prices on everything, my electric bill is $30-40 less than it was before the new install.

cheaper to heat your home in winter, than to buy a carton of eggs

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