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I told you since it's August it's Halloween time. Well Autumn and Halloween at least.

Added: Thursday, August 13th 2020 at 9:03am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Yep it's August and the Fall/Halloween catalog from Lakeside has arrive, all 324 pages of it.

You know it's that time of year when the Autumn catalogs start arriving and it also has Halloween items and....ready for it.....and a eight page sneak peek preview of Christmas themed items.

Halloween Mantel Collection

Time to spook up your mantel area if you have one.

Need pumpkin themed bed linen?

Plaid Pumpkin Comforter or Sham

Lighted Halloween Character Trees

That witch tree is just creepy for me due the face, but it works for the Halloween season.

Maybe you just like Fall items and not so much Halloween.

Harvest Tabletop Decor Collection

Harvest Home Decor Collection


Or maybe you just want to Turkey it up for November

Turkey Wine Bottle Hugger

Turkey candle holders maybe?

Sets of 3 Turkey Candleholders


Okay, I know you want a sneak preview of Christmas offerings, so here you go.

Holiday Sparkle Collection

Holiday Cheer Elf Figurines or Stocking Holders

Set of 6 Christmas Gift Card Holders

Vintage Lighted Holiday Accents


No the catalog isn't all holiday items, mostly other items for the home, but it's a good start the catalog season since it always arrives first.

My mother used to get tons of catalogs in the mail. You buy from one and you get twenty different ones later on.

She's been deceased for over three years and still a catalog will arrive at my address with her name on it.

Catalog company's will never forget you and will hunt you down even if you move...LOL


User Comments

I get a variety of catalogs through the mail and sure enough, there are the autumn/Halloween and some Christmas items.  I get the Collections and Starcrest catalogs which I love browsing through, but I put them under my side table for at least next month.  Its still too hot here to look at fall items, lol.

Wrap yourself in a blanket and look at those catalogs and it will feel all cold and frosty outside I bet. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Country Christmas Kitchen Collection - Valance

Just the thought of wrapping in a blanket makes me want to break out in hives, lol.

Would that be Lakeside Collections by chance?  I get their catalogs.  Didn't order out of the fall ctalog,  but when the winter one comes, I'll be maiking an order or two for my special guy, meaning hubby of course, lol!

Yes their catalog seems to arrivie like clock work in summer for the Fall season.

That it does!


There you go again--next you'll be talking about Christmas decorations before Halloween even gets here. I got my Lakeside catalog also but I am not rushing one day of my life away because of a business!!  You will understand soon young man! LOL

At least I'm not like Dollar Tree that will soon have Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years out at the same time....LOL

I knew that's why you would be talking about Christmas!!! You mention Dollar Tree & Christmas as soon as DT puts up a single decoration!!!! LOL

I quite like that bedding 😃

We used to get loads of cataloger's in the mail, now we don't get any at all, and boy I sure do miss them.

I love autumn, but I don't like having it shoved in my face while I'm enjoying summer!

If it would help drop the temps, they can push Autumn and Winter at me all they want.....LOL

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