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I passed my smog check so I can renew my vehicle registration

Added: Saturday, January 18th 2020 at 2:04pm by sfeastbay
Category: Cars & Vehicles

Took my van in for the smog inspection to get it done asap in case it didn't pass and needed something repaired, but it passed.

A car ahead of me that was newer was putting out fumes and I never smelled any from my van, and I was standing near the exhaust pipe during the test.

In fact someone that was waiting their turn lit up a cigarette about 40 feet away from me and I smelled that and my back was towards them at the time, but nothing from my van was causing a smell.

So that was $78 for the inspection since I must use a STAR station since my van will be 24 years old this year.

Newer cars can use a regular station where they try and out price each other to get the business, so it could be $20-$30 or less with a coupon.

And the registration fee on a 24 year old vehicle is $163.00 if paid on time.

It went up $5 from last year and will be higher next year since it always goes up.

The smog check is only every two years, new cars get a grace period of 3 or 5 years I think before they must start getting one.

Soon it will be time to move to a state that doesn't care that I drive a vehicle over 20 years old and doesn't want to charge me and arm and a leg each year to register it.

But at least it passed so I'm good until 2022 when I'll have to do it again.


User Comments

Oh yay we get to pay money out so we can pay more money out. What a crock of crooks.

And even more money next year since fees always go up.

That's great, what's always funny is here our buses belchs out smelly black exhaust and I always think how in the world are they passing? Makes no sense. 

It kills me that older cars that are excempt from the checks are still permitted on the roads after all these years since smog checks became law here.

Well now you learn something everyday, down under we have never heard of a smog test...

Have to keep the air as clean as possible, so we have smog/emissions checks.


Over here I think it's called an ' emissions ' test. 

That's what it is, but smog test makes people think what it's for. Plus it fits on the signs better.{#basic-smile.gif}

The state should be paying you for having that van 24 years. :)

They do, I get offered $1000.00 each year to get rid of it. That buys new cars doesn't it? {#basic-undecided.gif}

I took my very limping, very old, very hi-mileage Subaru in one time and the DEQ guy said it was clean enough to run in my living room!


At stop lights with my window open I smell the exhaust of newer cars, but none from mine. Makes no sense that I'm the evil vehicle on the road....LOL

Are they still requiring platinum smog killers in exhaust systems///catalytic converters?

I don't know.

Glad you passed. They should give you a discount for keeping a vehicle and not just causing more trash and waste I think. :) I keep mine as long as possible. Mine will be 16 years old this year. We get nailed in this state with the rust. The snow treatments do a number on the cars. Our last car was still running great but the amount of rust under body wouldn't allow for it to pass inspection even though no hole or anything was still all good. But had to get a new car--so sold it to friend of family in Ohio they don't need rust checks so she was thrilled to get our car. 

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