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I have nothing to say

Added: Friday, March 22nd 2019 at 10:57am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

Friday the last work day of the week and the last work day before my vacation, so this will be one lonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg day.

Not doing anything on my vacation, I just wanted to use the week off so I don't forget about it since it's a free week that work gave everyone who has been here over 20 years.

It's not part of my normal vacation hours which I see, it's just an extra week that you must use by a certain time, so I don't want to forget about it.


Started raining this morning. Didn't know it was supposed to rain.

Wouldn't you know it would rain on trash day and I put all three bins out this week.

I only put the green yard waste bin out maybe twice a year, and this would be the week...LOL

My yard is small and only in back, so it takes a long time to fill that huge bin.


Starting laundry this morning also. That's the nice thing about working from home, you can do that so on my days off, it's done already.


Going to have someone come out next week to switch out the two light fixtures I bought. I don't do anything with gas or electric since they can blow up or burn the place down if I screw up, so bring in the experts for those things.


I should buy a new desk chair for when I work. I sit on a bed pillow and two big folded towels, as awhile back I started feeling the bolts that come up from underneath that bold the top part of the chair to the base.

The rest of the chair is fine, just the padded seat is not padded after many years of use.

Comfort is ok on these towels and pillow, but they slide forward, so I'm always having to fix them.

Just came back and found them on the floor as they slide off when I get up sometimes.


I started this blog before work and now it's two hours later and it's not finished yet.

I'm trying to have a calm last work day before vacation, and it's not happening so far. Like I really thought it would.


But in that time all three trash bins have been picked up and I've put them away already and it wasn't raining when I did each one after it was picked up.

I know you were all worried I'd get wet, so you rest easy now that I didn't....LOL


Aren't you glad I didn't have anything to say today or you would have had to read a lot.



User Comments

I think sometimes doing nothing during a vacation is a good idea.

Travel is to stressful and not fun anymore, so staying home and being a couch potato sounds better as I get older.....LOL

That's exactly what I was getting at, SFeastBay.

I often like to travel during a vacation.  But at other times my vacation is more enjoyable when I'm doing nothing and I am calm and unstressed because of it.

Well allrighty then!

I sometimes enjoy hearing about the day-to-day minutiae of other people's lives.

I WAS especially riveted by whether or not you would get wet.  My prayers were answered!  {#awesome.gif}

Thank you as it's been raining all afternoon. Good thing my trash pickup is in the morning when it stopped for awhile.

Be careful with that chair. Those thinhs are real hazards. Millions of people ruin their health over-using them. ;)

I used the last one until metal pieces underneath that hold the seat to the base snapped off. I was sitting on it at the time and wondered what the popping sound was and why the top half of the chair was tipping over.....LOL

Lol... your not getting wet has made my day!

Yep I say buy a new computer chair, have a relaxing doing nothing week off, and I hope the weather is kind to you this coming week.


Whelp it’s day one of your relaxing week off. Are you still sleeping? It’s supposrd to rain most of the week good luck keeping dry.

I count Saturday as day one so it seems longer then being off just Mon-Fri....LOL

It turned windy here, but no rain yet.

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