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I had an instant dislike for myboomerplace.com

Added: Wednesday, March 15th 2023 at 11:31am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I signed up for myboomerplace.com using a fake name in case I didn't like the place and I don't.

If you use it and like that is great, but I didn't care for it.

A site called myBOOMERplace makes you think it would be for baby boomers, but it's not.

Age 35 and up, so it's like boomers and their kids.

You see user photos of older looking people, and then user photos of hot sexy looking models mostly femails. A lot of sexy boarding on slutty artwork of women appearing everywhere.

It didn't make sense.

For me to use something I have to like how it looks and the feel of the place, and this site didn't appeal to me at all.

I did do a little browse around and saw a couple of you on the site, so how is it really?


There was a home page poll on who would make a great VP pick for Trump and this guy wanting to know your sexual position.

I know you should never say never, but don't think myboomerplace.com is a place I would want to be on some day.

But you should give it a try, you may like it.

User Comments

Well, if that site is all about hookups, them I'm definitely not interested.

From their About US page:

Dating is a common interest for divorced and widowed empty nesters on myboomerplace.com and a few former Match.com customers have found a new place to post their profiles in hopes of finding the perfect mate. 

Yeah, I got a id also...but based on my look, and your review I won't be going there.

It certainly isn't what I thought it would be like by the 'boomer' in the name.

I thought it would be a site like this one but with older people who would have more in common with each other.

My Boomer Place blows.....

and Blogster will always be "My {#goldcup.gif}Boomer Place" anyway {#heart.gif}{#heart.gif}{#rofl.gif}{#rofl.gif}


It seems a misleading site by the name, but since they talk about it being for dating and chating, I now have in my mind those hot babes in the profile photos are creepy guys in prison trying to scam money out of old men.

I have an account there. But hate the semi nudity there.

From my short time looking around, the content and the site name just didn't seem to go together.

Never been there. Now, having read other Blogsters' observations and opinions of the place, can cross it off the list.  Thanks, y'all

I don't even see where you can delete your account, so my fake name site looks like will be there forever.....LOL

Just tell admin they will delete your account

ok thanks, but I hate sites like that. There should always be a delete account option.

I haven't run into any of those issues other than a lot of them not knowing the difference between a meme and a message, I haven't had those problems.

Never heard of it---am cutting out a few places I post--spend too much on the Internet!

You young bucks in your 20s spend to much time online, so slow down and go outside and play. {#giggle.gif}{#dancing6.gif}{#cool.gif}

Okay Daddy!

Oh yuck.  Thanks for the review.

I've been a member on the boomer site since '17, but stopped going there because I'd get sexual pics from male members there or watching and reading...rather, people trying to hook up together and I just got sick of it all.  I ended up deleting my "friends" list and left.  I logged in yesterday to see what was going on and nothing has changed.  There are a few great people there like JaddieBlue and a few others from here, but it's just not enough to hold my attention.

It just didn't seem like a place just to post every day blogs like here. I quickly got friend requests from users showing the young sexy looking user photos and that just didn't seem right.  

I know exactly what you mean. It reminded me of a hook-up site, yuk!

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