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AmalaTsering aldo02enos

How is a 500+ year old statue built for a cathedral pornogaphy???

Added: Friday, March 31st 2023 at 4:51pm by sfeastbay

CAUTION: if you don't want to see a picture of one of the worlds most famous statues that is visited and  photographed by millions of people each year, don't look down.




You must of have all saw this in the news how one parent said one of the worlds greatest and well known art pieces is pornography, so a school principle lost their job.

Taking the school factor out of this, how is a almost 520 year old piece of art that is 17 feet tall and viewed by millions every year pornography?

And it was commissioned for a Cathedral and crafted by one of the worlds greatest artists of the time Michelangelo.

I think the parent was a mother who I assume doesn't know that humans and statues are not the same thing.

Old art is full of the natural bodies of men and women, a.k.a. naked paintings and statues.

Okay granted the Manneken Pis statue (peeing boy) in Brussels, Belgium may be tacky to some, but again it's hundreds of years old and a work of art.


Considering you can go to a local garden center and buy a peeing statue for your yard and smaller sized statues of David can be purchased for you home, I don't think they are considered pornography or they would only be sold in stores with blacked out windows and open only to adults.

I know if I lived across the street from that parent, I would have the tallest David statue I could find and a peeing fountain statue in my front yard facing her house.


Not sure why this got me riled enough to post about it. Note: I did and wrote about it but thought the rant wouldn't go over well with some people so I deleted it.

I guess the world should be lucky that the original statue of David is in Italy and not the USA or some elected official would be trying to ban it, cloth it, tear it down, blame the current President for it, blame Democrats for it or one person we all know taking credit for it.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now.

Can anyone else use a drink? Just dispense one for yourself from the peeing boy drink dispenser that have been sold for decades in mainline stores, and can be purchased off Amazon right now for $31.99.


Or maybe you need a peeing down statue for your yard, on Amazon for $103.98.

Aquascape 78310 Naughty Dog Pond and Garden Water Fountain, Brown

Think I'd have one of these also in my yard if I lived across from that woman....LOL


I didn't mean to offend anyone with his post, only to point out that you can buy all kinds of 'peeing' products and statues and other art works and it's not pornography, but just art work and novelty products.

I won't post real pornography which anyone can find easily on the internet. If you saw the real thing next to works of art, you and everyone else would know the difference.


User Comments

If someone thinks a statue is pornographic then it's them that has the dirty mind.

The whole thing was stupid and should never had been a news item.

What's stupid is that people don't even understand what's going on here. First of all, that school board may be a little backwards that's true... but they fully understand WHAT the statue is and its place in history. They are not unsophisticated dolts like the lying presstitues suggest.

At issue here is WHO gets to decide WHAT content is shown to children at the school. Parents, or teachers/admin? 

This isn't about the statue. You've been distracted!


I was pretty sure that this was part of the fallout from the attempts of parents to remove child pornography from schools.

I've even seen a reference to Heine's book burning/people burning quote brought into it. 

@ grey

It's amazing how shameless these people are. They put pornographic materials in front of the kids under the guise of "childrens books", got found out, and then act surprised when their opposition calls the statue "pornographic" lol..  


Exactly right.

I didn't know the David statue was originally in a cathedral. If so, why was it moved?

Michelangelo is known for the ceiling, but he was primarily a sculptor. He did some amazing pieces.

It was to originally go on the roof of the cathedral, but once finished they figured out they could never lift it so it was put in the plaza.

Heck I posed for that--Michealangelo thought my name was David when actually I went by my middle name Donald!!!

Hey, I just read a lady who defended the statue got an invitation from Italy to come and see it!!!~

You've aged well Martin. {#basic-laugh.gif}

That's what I get for being a Leap Year Baby!!!!

I saw quite a few of these statues when I was visiting castles and other points of interest overseas and I never considered them "pornographic," just as respresntations of men who didn't have very much to brag about.

They would have to shut down every art gallery and museum if old world art was considered porn.

I have to agree that you're right about that. {#thumbs_up.gif}

Welcome to “Woke.”

The world has gone crazy.  Some people will always be looking for something to complain about.

The new prudism.

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