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How about some nature photos to calm things down in this crazy world

Added: Wednesday, February 26th 2020 at 9:48am by sfeastbay

Sit back, relax, tune out the world for a minute and check out nature.


Here's looking at you kid.



User Comments

All gorgeous scenery and so are the feathered beauties and the furbabies too!  :)

Makes you wonder why nature made some birds so colorful instead of a color that blends in more with trees to protect them.

I would love to see a colorful bird in person.  The only really colorful birds besides a parakeet, I ever saw were cardinals and bluejays.  Of course there are the sparrows which pretty much blend with the trees.  But like that beautiful parrot above, never saw a parrot before.

When I lived in Los Angeles, a neighbor had a large colorful parrot that stayed outside. While beautiful, it was a noisy bird which was annoying.


Those are awesome!

I could sit here all day looking at photos on the net like these.

Definitely worth the time for sure.

Those were great

I like that last one, "I'm ready for my close up Mister DeMille"

The fun part would be being there to take those pocs :).  (Except maybe the polar bear close-up)

Very nice. I especially like 1,4 and 9 :)

I love thgose pictures, beautiful scenery!

I had to laugh at the one of the cats though, that was so, so cute, lol!

Birds are so colorful and they say they are living dinosaurs. So I bet dinosaurs like T-Rex and Velociraptors were colorful too, not all green like Alligators and Crocodiles. 

The only wild birds arounds here are black, gray, brown and white. Not exactly the beautiful colors in the tropics or other parts of the country.

We have red birds, yellow birds, green birds and blue birds. And this sure ISN'T the tropics. LOL

beauitful! {#apploud.gif}{#heart.gif}{#thumbs_up.gif}

Very 'other-worldly', lol.

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