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Great, just so some of you can have temps in the 100s, I have to have 80s

Added: Tuesday, August 13th 2019 at 11:38am by sfeastbay

Thanks a lot to all of you who want hot wet humid temps in the 100s , now I have to have dry temps in the 80s.

When we're back to cool 70s later this week, I'm not giving you any. {#basic-cool.gif}




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Its 96 right now with a heat index of 109.  I wish the North Pole was around the corner.

I saw in the paper this morning Death Valley is to be 116 today and was 114 yesterday. But it's a dry heat so at least it feels like 116 and not hotter.

Keep cool

I'm in a/c now so I'm hanging in there.  I wish we had dry heat!

It does make a difference when it's not that hot damp muggy feeling.

Eons ago I remember flying into Miami in summer and getting off the plane and you could just feel the dampness in the jetway and terminal and it always had a mildew smell.

Might of smelled the mildew because you were close to the water?  Thankfully the humidity here, you can't smell a thing, but you sure know its there, ughhh...the stickiness of it, that muggy feeling...yep.  That part is hard enough, yuk!

I think Miami airport back then was just rotting away, it was an older part of the airport I think.

Ewww, no wonder.

My friend sent me here "feels like" 107...UGH! No thank you. I'm complaining in the 90s' 

I complain when it's over 75.....LOL

I've always wanted to live somewhere that it's 74/75, nice breeze, sunny with some rain in the evenings to keep things growing well. Fruit/Veggies all year long. O' and no dangerous/poisonous animals lol 

LOL...It's only 13c here today, don't know what that is Fahrenheit

That's 55F which sounds nice to me.

I love it, if we could get 65F all year around I'd be one lil happy camper...{#basic-tongue-out.gif}

Today I had 97F/36C and a lot of cities around me were 100F+. Some of the desert cities in the south part of the state were planned for 116F/47C, but since we were hotter then expected they may have been also.

We have had it just to dry, no rain for months, they are quoting 1940 as close to our driest, this year, we can only use a hand held hose, before 10am and after 4pm, NO hosing of driveways etc. it's really bad, but the temps. are just great for me, but we need rain rain and more rain.

It got hot here again yesterday. And I was just starting to enjoy the cooler weather we've been having. 

We had a lot of record breaking temps around here today.



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