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Gloomy rainy day and the newspaper changed the comics

Added: Saturday, March 21st 2020 at 11:17am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

It's a dark gloomy rainy day here today, so a good day to say indoors anyway, so people shouldn't feel so 'locked' up during this shelter in place time.


The newspaper either changed it's comic page or they printed some other papers comics in error.

The mixed around the location on the page of ones they've had, but added some new ones including some I forgot were still around.

Ones I'd forgotten about include:


Dennis The Menace


Beetle Bailey


They also added Marmaduke.

I only look at a select few in the paper everyday, but if they keep this line up, I'll be looking at more comics now.

The comics are less stressful then the front page, so it's a nice section to check out each day.

I'll have to pay attention to the Sunday paper to see if it changed or is the same.

Come to think of it, there aren't really new comic strips that come out, is that not a thing in the 21st century?

Are comics fading away? Do kids read them or are adults the only ones these days?

I guess with the internet and video games, kids don't know about comic books or the 'funnies' in the newspaper which their parents may not even subscribe to.

I used to read the comics and buy comic books as a kid and enjoyed it. Granted we didn't have the internet then and you could count how many TV stations you got on two hands and not use all your fingers, but still they were fun to read and collect.

To bad we didn't know to save those old comics as they seem to sell well these days still for the old Super Hero ones at least.

I wonder how many boomers today blame their mother for throwing out all their old comics and toys once they left home?

Oh well, I now have 200+ stations on TV, so lets see what there is to watch while indoors this weekend.

I set the DVR to record a bunch of stuff, so I'll see in a few minutes what may have recorded during the night.

Have a good weekend.






User Comments

All the comic strips you mentioned above, I love, with Marmaduke being my top dog.....ha!  Family Circus is another favorite as well as For Better or Worse and again, the ones mentioned above.

My tv is stuck on Fox News.  I need to get off awhile b/c too much news is just that....too much. An afternoon of Netflix might help.

Hearing about it all the time isn't going to help, so better to watch other programs.

One of the cable stations play old Blondie movies some times, I've watched a couple. Comedy today has sure changed from when those first came out. I like the old day comedy more then modern comedy which really isn't funny.

I forgot about comics. 

You can read them online, but I wonder how many kids today do that or even know about comics.

The comics today are nothing like 'ours'--mainly sci-fi--plus many revolve around sex, body functions, etc.

Beautiful sunny 80 degrees--a perfect beach day IF the beaches were open!

Comedy in general today isn't the slap stick, funny gags and bits like the old days, but as you said, sex and making fun of other people.

I always remember reading the comics with a hot cup of tea at the kitchen table-which I know have at my house :) I use to read some along with her-mostly cause she use to show which ones she thought as the best that week. :) My uncle and grandfather always read them too. I even remember that was the only part of the paper that was saved & put in their bathrooms. LOL

I guess toilet laughter helps move things along if you know what I mean.....LOL

LOL Maybe :) {#thumbs_up.gif}

I stopped watching the news and reading the paper as the media are just focusing on the doom and gloom. Plus I was getting really angry about the selfish people stripping the shelves - why??? I am a bit upset they have now closed the Wetherspoons I used to go to for a morning coffee. But never mind. I have ordered paint and will paint my hallway. You are probably thinking, ' what has this to do with comic's 😂😂

Becareful, painting the hallway could lead to painting all the rooms off the hallway....LOL

I only have a bedroom and small open plan lounge/kitchen leading off from my hallway. Everything is magnolia. I did wallpaper one wall in lounge - with help. But that's it. I bought a new front door handle and changed that after watching YouTube 😂 to see how to do it.



Now a days there is nothing you can't learn how to do from watching youtube.

Once upon a time I followed many comics. Dad was a collector and I ended up with them but sold...  Kind of wish I didn't

I think that about some of my old toys I still have. I don't need them, have started selling some on ebay, but then feel bad that I don't have them anymore.

Did you spray your newspapers before touching them?

No but since I have gotten in the last four days it doesn't matter.....LOL

My cousin has been spraying his money with Lysol if that counts. {#basic-laugh.gif}

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