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Funny Friday

Added: Friday, February 8th 2019 at 10:26am by sfeastbay


I started to write a blog and got a lot of it written, but I reread it bored myself so I deleted it and switched to Funny Friday instead.



Is this how they bowl down under?


Here's one to send the grandparents




Do you see it?

Did you see it yet?




Great idea since no one will know if it's empty or full and not take a chance an tailgate.


Ok, get ready to groan......

Told you!



Did you ever see it?

Look at the reflection in the window, there is a ghost sitting in the empty chair.







User Comments

I love Fridays because it is Pizza for supper night

I was thinking pasta tonight for me.

Lol!  No I never saw it, lol!  Until you told me, lol!

I would have missed that one!

Love Funny Friday!

But the ghost isn't eating...

I saw it....BOO!

Thanks for the laughs :)

I didn't have to be asked, I saw it instantly lol 

We have one too.. we call her April, because we discovered her in April.

Tell us about April, sounds interesting.

Of course I didn't see it even while enlarging the pic on my phone, arghhhh!  That kinda creeped me out, yikes!  Some of thoe others are hilarious.  Got me some good laughs from Friday funnies on this Saturday morning.  :)

Fun post, yes I saw the ghost....lol

Lol very funny

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