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Federal holiday today.....big deal!

Added: Monday, February 17th 2020 at 10:06am by sfeastbay
Category: About Me

I always say unless it's a holiday that I get a paid day off from work, I don't care about it.

President's day would be one of those holidays I don't care about since I'm working.

Well, fooling around on the internet while working.....hehe

To me it just means no mail today, not that I get mail everyday anyway, but it's nice to know I could be getting something today if it wasn't a holiday.

I don't want to miss any mail from people running for office and wanting me to vote for them, or from insurance companies telling me Medicare is on the horizon so I should plan ahead and chose their company for my supplemental insurance.

Today started out a cold damp foggy day, so don't know what the rest of the day will be like weather wise.

I like cold damp days, everything seems more calm for some reason to me. And with the world as it is today, a calm damp cold day is welcome anytime.

Enjoy your Monday.

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User Comments

I'm working today also.  A high of 70 but very glum and overcast although no rain in the forecast.  Driving to work this morning, the fog was so thick you could cut it with a pair of scissors.  I'm also hearing a woodpecker in a nearby tree thats driving me nutso, arghhhh!  Have a good day.

There used to be a woodpecker who liked a telephone pole by my mother's house. Used to annoy me when I went over there and he was there pecking away.

I always nominate a good and bad POTUS for the day. Today I'm going with Woodrow Wilson for bad, and "Stay Cool" Calvin Coolidge for good.

I know exactly what you mean about the weather like that. Those type days are quite fitting for the time in which we live.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday :)

The sun broke through the fog, so it's lightening up and people off today are starting to venture out and make noise. Don't they know M-F 9-6pm is quiet time in the neighborhood holiday or no holiday.....LOL

Sounds like the same people who send you mail send me mail. I always file mine in the nearest waste paper basket, after I've shredded it or torn it up, of course. 

Well I have started saving the ones that keep telling me Medicare is fast approaching, figure I better since that is true....LOL

Be happy if you can get Medicare. Old age without it is the pits.

Such a non holiday just a day where certain service is inturputed. Lol and set and chilly here as well! Perfect day for napping.

I was ready for a nap when I got out of bed this morning, and that was before I even looked outside and saw it was a damp foggy day.....LOL

Yeah same here, Federal Holiday?  Should be banned, lol!  National Holidays on the other hand, let them stay!!

Yes, I called the VA today and got a message that it was close. Um ... okay so I couldn't do a follow up in a timely manner. Sigh. And couldn't leave a message for a living breathing doctor either. 

Thank goodness Secure Messaging works.

That said I understand it was a Federal Holiday and people deserve them...

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