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Do you see TV ads for chain businesses that are not in your area?

Added: Friday, December 7th 2018 at 8:58am by sfeastbay

Where I live, we see TV ads for chain businesses that we don't have here or are a couple of hours away which seems dumb.



For example, every once in awhile I see a TV ad for Marathon gas stations. The last time I looked on their website, the nearest Marathon station to California was in Louisiana. Right I want to drive over half way across America to buy gas.....LOL

Others have been chain restaruants which I have to travel to Los Angeles or Las Vegas to eat at.

Decades ago we used to see TV ads for Burger King years before the first one landed in the bay area.


Sonic was another one we saw TV ads for years before the first one went in near me a few years ago. I couldn't wait to go there from seeing the ads for so long. Guess what, I've yet to go there after all this time.....LOL

Now who did I see a TV ad for last night but, Aldi grocery store which we have none of.

They have 40+ stores now in the Los Angeles area, but I looked at their website today, and it said nothing about my area.

So does this mean we may see one some day/year? Maybe not, since at times we see these ads and they come an hour or two away, but we see the ads here.

Would be interesting to see Aldi whom I only know from knowing they own Trader Joe's and have seen them on youtube and some of the people I follow on youtube talk about them and have taken viewers shopping there with them.

Land/rent/wages/everything costs high in my area, so they would have to put out big bucks to come here, so they may go out to central California where it's cheaper. Who knows.

But do you see TV ads for things you don't have in your area or is that just a weird thing here?

User Comments

All the time.  For instance Ihop.  Though there were 2 in Lincoln (an hours drive), the first one closed 3 years ago.  The second one the beginning of this year.  There is one in Omaha, a 3 hour drive.  Cabelas, hours away, and then we saw for yeards Russ's Market.  They recently bought out IGA here in our little town, and now we have a Russ's Market.

We also get ads for places in Iowa, Illinois, and even Missouri.

I saw an ad for I think Home Goods (or something like that) and I said we didn't have that. Then I checked their website and 8 were in the area, but not my area. You would think they would have ads that 'we're coming to a location near you', but they don't.

I'd suppose the local broadcasters do less of that than cable

I only watch one thing on network TV so couldn't say, so you may be right.

There's a Marathon right down the road from me. Good deal on Car Washes.

I never see commercials anymore with the way we do our TV so I'm not sure...

Think Louisiana is still the closest one to me then yours....LOL

You say there is a Marathon here in Louisiana.  Well it must be north Louisiana, becausd I have never even heard of Marathon.  I tanked up my car in Baton Rouge a couple of days ago and I paid $1.87 a gallon.  I was floored that it was that cheap!  The lowest price I've seen here in my town was $1.99 @ Exxon.

....and yes!  I see many ads for both fast food places and restaurants that we don't have at all....some I never even heard of.  I think its silly to do that.  I get my mouth all ready to go out and buy a big 'ol bacon burger from Zaxby's....we don't even have one!  {#basic-angry.gif}

Add $2.00 to the Exxon price and you have the highest regular gas price here.

That's still high.  Its amazing how gas prices differ so drastically in the states.

Every night several times every night.

These are called coming soon to a area maybe not near you. Lol

No since we don't have conventional TV we don't see any ads. However when at my MIL's I see them all of the time. Ewww. It is a 45 mile trip to go to Aldi's just one way. McDonalds is a 25 mile round trip. So we don't go out very often.


I don't have cable...so no idea lol 

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