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Do you do quick simple meals on weekends for dinner?

Added: Saturday, May 20th 2023 at 11:29am by sfeastbay

I seem to always eat differently on weekends than during the week.

I did that when I was working and still keep the habit.

Tonight will be half a large pizza and Sunday night I'll have the other half.

Some times I will use a coupon at Burger King for two original chicken sandwiches & two medium fries. I'll have one for dinner each weekend night.

Since Monday through Thursday dinners are pretty much the same thing pork or chicken it all just tastes the same after awhile, so something different on weekends is nice.

Friday night I always have a breakfast for dinner meal which I did when working since Friday ended the work week for me and I wanted something simple.

Growing up both parents worked, but there was still full hot meals every day. The Sunday roast was still a thing back then, so the big roasting pan would come out every Sunday and be used.

Back then mother's couldn't go without the big Sunday roasting pan. Used on Sundays and for the Thanksgiving turkey.


The broiler was also used for steaks since you just couldn't go outside and turn on the propane grill back then. And not the small broilers ovens today have, but the whole left side of the giants 50s/60s era stoves was a broiler.

A pot and pan drawer on the lower left and the door to the pilot light on the lower right.

Now you need to buy a eight burner high end stove to equal the size and weight of the old stoves we grew up with.


Now, I've never used a broiler in my adult life, rarely use my oven and barely use one burner on my stove top.

But the air fryer, microwave and toaster oven sure get used.


Do you like to do something different for meals on weekends?

Is the big Sunday roasting pan still used each week for that one big meal of the week?






User Comments

On Saturday I spend an hour making 5 salads and 5 main courses  with different protiens on a same base of veggies--Thursday & Friday I eat out--life  is as easy as you want to make it!!!

How do you eat a half a pizza and leave the other half for the next day?!?!?!?!??! (I don't care how big it is!!!!)

I just divid it in half right away so only eat the half I portioned out. But I do notice it tastes different the next day, seems salty which I don't notice on the first half I ate.

You probably eat 'leftovers' too!!!!  :O)

I don't have left overs unless I make some macaroni and cheese.


Well, my response to your query is:

For me too Saturday and Sunday are hardly different than, say, Monday and Wednesday.

My Monday through Thursday dinners are like the movie Groundhog Day. They are like a repeat of the same meal over and over.

There's value in maintaining that routine.

We do the quick simple meals during the week due to less time. I've become quite the big dinner cook on the weekends. 


I'm getting a visula of you dressed in your Kiss the Cook apron with your Al Bundy tool belt of cooking tools....LOL {#basic-laugh.gif}

No. I'm more....  

Chef Kitchen GIFs | Tenor



very good

I eat whatever I decide that i want at the time...no more different on the weedend than during the week, I guess I would say.

If I was rich, I'd hire someone to cook all my meals and want something different every day.

Ah, the dreams of being rich....so much to be added to the list.

Tonight was poke salad for me.

Usually on a Saturday night l would get a take-away from either the Chinese or the Indian.  Sundays l usually cook roast chicken or lamb.   l always enjoy my Sunday dinner :-)

I think for many that work M-F, Saturday night is go out for the evening or stay at home with an easy meal and watch movies on Tv.

Starting on Friday night we eat whatever is easier. Subs and some kind of chips are standard. Sometimes I buy a Supreme, rising crust pizza. Other times we eat sandwiches or cereal. Sometimes leftovers. 

That all sounds good to me, easy which the weekend should be, even if I don't work M-F anymore.

I'm the opposite.   I cook most of the weeks food on the weekend and put it into containers for my lunches.  I, too, have never used a broiler, but I use my oven all the time.

I shop and come home and cook all the meat at once and freeze it so all I need to do is toss it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Anything else goes quick to add to it.

Oh dear, I don't think I fit anywhere here! There is no method to my madness when it comes to cooking - or not. The two days I work, supper is usually something super easy, like boxed mac n cheese with some chicken and/or broccoli mixed in, or fish and fries in the oven. Or just a bowl of cereal. Other days it just depends. I might make a casserole, or gumbo or jambalaya, or a basic meat/starch/veg meal, and eat leftovers until it's gone. Or maybe a big, greasy, bacon cheeseburger with a salad. Or maybe I'll just sit down with a stack of saltines and some butter!

Since it's just me, cooking a big meal doesn't interest me, so quick and simple is about it. 

Many a times dinner has been a bowl of cereal for me also.

Today's light breakfast was picking spruce tips off a tree around 11am. Followed a couple hours later by steamed cabbage and homemade sourkraut, also homemade vanilla flavored greek yogurt and a fried chicken egg. Foraged nettle tea as beverage

I tried sourkraut once back in the late 70s and never tried it again. 

Oh, and a mug of green smoothie, prepared yesterday.

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